Ear thermometer, designer watches and more!

Wellbeing producrs launched in November 2011

Water purification with advanced alert system

blankHindustan Unilever has launched ‘Pureit Marvella RO’ with advanced alert systems. It has four alerts for various stages of purification and also one that gives 15 days advance notice to replace the germ-kill kit. The RO purity locking system locks the RO membrane when its purifying power is over. The purifier has an advanced 5-stage purification process that is designed to convert even 2000 TDS water into soft water. It comes with a 9-litre storage tank.

Price: INR13,500

Designer watches by Swatch

blankSwatch Group has teamed up with American designer Jeremy Scott to create a range of five new watches—Swatch Melted Minutes, Swatch Portrait, Swatch Punk, Double Vision Swatch and Hypnotic Heart.

The Swatch Melted Minutes comes with a transparent plastic dial and is created with a melted visual effect. Swatch Portrait hosts a solid black plastic dial adorned with a stylised sketch of Jeremy Scott on the glass. Swatch Punk has a solid green dial with black hands and is contrasted by a silicone strap with printed leopard patterns and six bold yellow loops. Double Vision Swatch boasts of two red and white twirl-effect dials fixed on one black plastic strap. Hypnotic Heart is a heart-shaped limited edition watch with only 777 pieces to grab.

Price: On request

Wireless headphones by Creative

blankCreative Technology has launched its latest range of wireless Bluetooth listening and voice communication devices that are compatible with smart phones and Bluetooth audio devices. These headphones come with an invisible microphone that is built into the earpiece. The microphone has a noise suppression feature that is designed to ensure clearer speech even under noisy environment. Other features of the headphones include: light weight design, soft leatherette ear cushions, compact size for easy storage, music playback up to eight hours and talk time of up to nine hours. All the three models in the range [WP-450, WP-350, and WP-250] come in a soft protective pouch and have a USB cable for charging.

Price: WP-450 7,999; WP-350 5,999; WP-250 3,599

Ear thermometer by Braun

blankThe Braun IRT 3020 ThermoScan is a compact ear thermometer that measures the infrared heat generated by the eardrum and surrounding tissues. It is designed for measuring body temperature of babies and children as it is often difficult to take temperature using conventional thermometers. The thermometer gives a reading in one second, and also has a memory function that recalls the last temperature reading. It comes with a 2-year warranty, a protective cap, 3V lithium batteries and 11 disposable lens filters.

Price: Thermometer 2500, lens filters 200

Lip balms by Rebirth

blankRebirth, a part of the Birla Research and Life-sciences, has introduced a new juicy range of Chant lip balms in pink, grapefruit, sea buckthorn, kiwi, candy, coconut and mixed fruit flavours. These come with moisture-lock technology that is meant to revitalise dry and dull lips. The range contains shea butter to reactivate collagen production, protect lips from free radicals and leave them looking glossy,smooth and supple.

Price:INR 165

Wrinkle repair by Neutrogena

blankThe latest Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair is range of products formulated with stabilised retinol and a glucose complex. Consisting of a day, night and eye moisturiser, the line claims to help fade stubborn deep wrinkles, brighten skin tone, smoothen fine lines and improve skin texture. All products in the range also contain hyaluronic acid to help moisturise, replenish and rejuvenate skin. The Wrinkle Repair Moisturizer Day comes with SPF 30.

Price: Day and night moisturiser, 29ml for 799; Eye cream,14ml for 549


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