Chyawanprash Cookies, orthopaedic mattress and more…

Wellbeing products launched in January 2012

New range of washing machines by Electrolux

The latest collection of Electrolux’s washing machines enables the user to wash and dry up to 11kg load in a single wash. The machines are equipped with a time manager that can automatically customise each wash for better stain removal. The two-way reverse tumble action allows clothes to be soaked in a concentrated pool of detergent along with a continuous flow of water. Another feature is the use of balanced dry system, which draws large volumes of air through the back of the drum and redistributes it evenly for efficient drying eliminating the hot spots that can damage clothes.

Price: Available on request

Chyawanprash Cookies by Unibic

Unibic has launched a curious variant of cookies, Chyawanprash Cookies with dates, which are cookies on the outside and chyawanprash on the inside. The cookies are rich in fibre, essential vitamins and minerals, carbohydrates, protein and iron to improve
metabolism and enable growth. The cookies also claim to fight skin infection and combat cold and cough problems due to properties of chyawanprash. The inside filling contains 14.5 per cent fibre that is intended to help combat constipation, aid absorption and assimilation of food. The chyawanprash has high amla content to provide for the vitamin C that helps memory and strengthens the digestive system.

Price: 30 for 90g

Insulin delivery device by Biocon

INSUPen®, a reusable insulin delivery device launched by Biocon, is designed for efficiency, accuracy and safety and can deliver all variants of both Basalog™ and Insugen™.

It is the first pen for delivering insulin that is made using German technology and that offers user-friendly features, complimentary needles with every refill and a choice of three colours for clear insulin differentiation.

Price:    Reusable IN.SUPen® for 675
Basalog Refil [3x3ml] for 1305
Insugen Refil [5x3ml] for 779.50

Herbalife launches Herbalifeline

Herbalife introduces Herbalifeline, a health supplement for improved heart health. The supplement consists of highly refined marine lipids containing omega-3 fatty acids,especially EPA and DHA. Omega-3 fatty acids help maintain cholesterol and triglyceride levels. The supplement also contains vitamin E, which has antioxidant properties. These nutrients protect the heart, prolonging its life.

Price: Available on request

Orthopaedic mattress by Spring Air

Spring Air has launched its premium orthopaedic mattress range, Europedic Mattress, in India. The mattresses are available in three variants—Perfect Comfort, Ultimate Comfort and Majestic Comfort. These mattresses use high-density open cell structured foam. They also contain visco-elastic memory foam, which softens in reaction to body heat, allowing it to mould quickly to the shape of the body. The foam is designed to be pressure and temperature sensitive and help relieve pressure points, preventing pressure sores, and allowing for a healthy and comfortable sleep. The mattresses come with a 10-year limited warranty.

Price: 25,999 for single size mattress of 75”x36”x6”

Villa windows by Fenesta

Fenesta, India’s largest windows and doors company, has recently launched its newest offering, the villa windows. These windows have an engineered UPVC frame that can accommodate a grill for security and a mesh to prevent insects. They provide insulation through multiple point locks, fusion welded joints, and double sealing to prevent noise, dust and pollution from entering your home. The insulation also reduces air conditioning cost by 30 per cent. The specially-designed mullion provides adequate strength for use in high rise buildings and can withstand high velocity winds without whistling or rattling through the window.

Price: Available on request

Stylish phone by AirTyme Communications

FLAUNT is a 3G HSUPA phone aimed at those looking for a high-resolution display, sleek trendy design and high-tech features. The AirTyme PV300 FLAUNT has a QWERTY keypad for fast and accurate text entry. It has a 360° swiveling flip, which provides screen protection and ease-of-use. It comes with a high quality 3.0 mega pixel camera with flash and a 1GB micro SD card. The phone has an expandable memory up to 32GB. Other features include: intuitive phone interface, Bluetooth connectivity, media player and video playback. Available in two colours—stunning purple and stylish black—it comes with a plush velvet phone case.

Price: 5,999

Silent vacuum cleaner by Eureka Forbes

Eureka Forbes has launched Euroclean IQ, a silent vacuum cleaner with deep cleaning technology and double HEPA air filtration mechanism. Euroclean IQ is designed to produce only 64db noise, which is equal to the sound produced while having a conversation. It is equipped with an intelligent power control to sense the surface and select the cleaning mode on its own. Its double HEPA filtration system is designed to clear the air in the room of all particles, gases and germs.

Price: 19,990

BC Bonacure Smooth Shine range by Schwarzkopf

The BC Bonacure Smooth Shine range by Schwarzkopf consists of a shampoo and conditioner formulated for frizzy hair. The shampoo is aimed at cleansing and smoothing the frizz, re-balancing moisture levels and enhancing radiance and shine. The conditioner’s job is to detangle hair and seal its surface to protect from harmful external influences. The conditioner is suitable for all hair types.

Price: 540

Taffetas by Balmain

The Taffetas Lady collection by Balmain is a premium range of watches for women. It is based on Taffeta, a shimmering fabric popular in the 1950s. The Taffetas range too is designed with the purpose of flattering feminine curves. For this, the watches use free-moving articulated links. The watches have rectangular cases, convex crystals and come fitted with 26 diamonds. The case is 316L polished stainless steel, which is water resistant. The watches are also available without diamonds.

Price: 34,000

Winter range by Nyassa

Nyassa, the luxurious bath and body products manufacturer, has launched its new product line ‘Winter Splash’ designed to protect skin dryness. The range contains body butters, olive oil soaps, lip balms, body lotions and face creams.
The body butters contain shea butter that moisturise deeply and quickly. Olive oil soaps are meant to protect the skin from dryness. Lip balms are enriched with shea butter and are useful for preventing chapped lips. Body lotions are enriched with sweet almond oil to help moisturise and rejuvenate the skin. The face cream contains jojoba oil, wheat germ and vitamin E, and is meant to work on dry, tired and ageing skin.

Price: Body butter: 500 each, olive oil soap: 200 each, lip balm: 150 each, body lotions: 300 each, face cream: 500 each


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