Lipid regulator, robotic window cleaner, ion air purifiers and more…

Wellbeing products launched in August 2012

Lipid regulator from Fenfuro

blankFenfuro has launched Furoslim, a weight and lipid regulator. Furoslim contains Irvingia Gabonensis, the molecule that reverses leptin resistance and improves leptin sensitivity in the brain. Leptin is important in weight management as it signals to the brain that the body has had enough to eat. This helps prevent consuming excess calories. Furoslim also suppresses the fat-converting enzyme thus reducing the amount of glucose converted to fat.

Furoslim also reduces carbohydrate absorption and increases secretion of enzymes that help in shrinkage of fat cells. All these actions help in reducing the overall fat in the body. Furoslim is safe for use and is to be had twice daily, half an hour before meals.

Price: INR2660 for 140 capsules

Milagrow unveils robotic window cleaner

blankMilagrow has launched Milagrow Windoro, a window cleaning robot that can clean a square meter of glass in 10 minutes. Windoro comes in two units; one is responsible for the cleaning and the other for navigation. The units are kept together by Neodymium permanent magnets that can be adjusted to suit the thickness of different windows, from 5 – 28mm. It has options of manual cleaning, using a remote control, or auto cleaning by setting it in a zigzag motion in one click. It’s a smart product that beeps when the cleaning is done and returns to its starting position. It also beeps when it needs recharging. A fully charged unit can clean for up to two hours. Windoro stays attached to the glass even when it is turned off, ensuring safety. While cleaning the glass, the robot dispenses a special detergent. Its four micro-fibre pads spin and swipe while the two units move, cleaning the window. The micro-fibre pads can be washed, reused or replaced. It is available in three colours—silver, yellow and red.

Price: INR39,990

Ion air purifiers from Sharp

blankSharp has launched ion purifiers with Plasmacluster Ion Technology for treating indoor air. This technology is designed to generate negative and positive ions, similar to the ones created in natural environments like a forest. These ions kill all harmful substances like pollen dust, allergens, virus, mould, gases and foul smell not just from the air, but also from the surface of things kept indoors. Plasmacluster Ion air purifiers have been verified by renowned academic and research institutes around the world and certified by the Asthma Society of India and British Allergy Foundation to be most effective in removal of triggers that cause morning allergy and asthma.

Price: INR11,990 — 57,990.

Himalaya launches supplement for kids

blankThe Himalaya Drug Company has launched HiOwna-Jr., a prescription-based nutritional supplement that promotes physical and mental growth and enhances immunity in children. Meant for kids between two years of age to their pre-teens, HiOwna-Jr. contains herbs widely known in ayurveda for promoting child health and is fortified with 13 essential vitamins and nine minerals.

It also has ragi [finger millet] that improves nutritive status, maricha [black pepper], a bio-availability enhancer, mandukaparni [centella], a cerebral activator, also known as ‘brain food’ in ayurveda and amalaki [Indian gooseberry], an immunity booster and the richest source of vitamin C in nature.

The carefully selected herbs and ingredients play a vital role in improving appetite and reducing illness, especially, recurrent respiratory infections. The essential micronutrients further assist the growth and development.

HiOwna-Jr. has pea protein along with the traditional whey protein. HiOwna-Jr. also contains 30 times more colostrum per gram, compared to other brands available in the category—colostrum or ‘first milk’ is an excellent source of proteins that fortify the immune system and fight infections. It is available in chocolate and strawberry flavours.

Price: INR185 and INR180.


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