Instant tea, mini water softener, oatmeal cookies and more…

Wellbeing products launched in July 2012

Wagh Bakri launches instant tea

blankWagh Bakri tea has launched its range of instant tea premixes, in the hot and ice tea category. With the Wagh Bakri tea premixes, one can prepare tea anywhere and any time in just one minute. The premixes are available in four flavours—ginger, lemon grass, masala and elaichi. The products have been designed keeping in mind the need for a quick cup of tea when in office or strapped for time at home.

To make the tea, all one needs to do is empty the contents in a cup of hot water. The teas are also available in a combo pack that has sachets of all the four flavours.

The other type of premix tea launched is the ice tea premix that is available in lemon flavour. It can be made by simply stirring the contents of the pack in a glass of chilled water. Wagh Bakri plans to launch ice tea in orange and peach flavours too.

Price: Instant tea mix: INR90 for 10 sachets; Instant tea Combo pack: INR110 for 12 sachets;

Ice tea mix: INR10 for 25g

i-sure to help detect ovulation

blankPiramal Healthcare has launched an ovulation detection kit that could help couples that are trying to conceive. A woman’s chances of getting pregnant are highest on only two days of the month—the time when she ovulates. Based on physical signs there is no way to tell with certainty when ovulation happens. The i-sure strip can detect with about 99 per cent accuracy the two days when chances on conceiving are highest. 12 – 24 hours before ovulation occurs, the hormone LH [leutinizing hormone] is released. The i-sure strip detects the presence of this hormone in urine, which helps a woman know if she will ovulate within 12 – 24 hours. i-sure proposes to be a solution for one of the major concerns of delayed pregnancy arising out of changing lifestyles, couples not getting enough time with each other and hectic work schedules causing them to miss the two days of ovulation.

Price: INR499

Amino Fortifier by Schwarzkopf Professional

blankSchwarzkopf Professional has launched BC Bonacure Repair Rescue Amino Fortifier that is aimed at those experiencing hair problems such as breakage and split ends. The fortifier helps repair damage hair from inside-out.

It contains, curatec proteins and hydrolysed keratin, which reinforce the hair from deep within, balances moisture levels and improves elasticity. It can also be used on hair that has undergone chemical treatments such as straightening or colouring and hair that is extra fine and limp.

It is developed to restore the actual composition of the hair follicle and works its way until hair become healthy again. It is intended to be applied to damp hair and then massaged into mid-lengths and ends. It can be rinsed out after just 10 minutes of application.

Price: INR360

Kent launches mini water softener

blankKent RO Systems Ltd, offers a mini water softener that is touted as the world’s first compact water softener for home use. It is designed for converting hard water into soft water in an easy and convenient way. Hard water makes the skin dry, spotted and dull and also corrodes bathtubs, geysers and faucets, reducing the water flow.

The Kent Mini Water Softener does not need external support, which means that no time is lost in maintenance or calling up a technician time and again for putting up salts. It is easy to install and operate and can be regenerated in just couple of minutes.
It should be wall mounted next to the washing machine, dishwasher or geyser.

Price: INR6000

Health Guard refrigerators by LG

blankLG has recently launched a range of side-by-side refrigerators with Health Guard™. This unique air purification system, uses four special filters, one each for dust, fungi, bacteria and odour to circulate clean air inside the refrigerator. This system ensures a sterilisation up to 99.99 per cent giving purest air inside the refrigerator. It inhales bacteria and odours and exhales fresh air, keeping food hygienic in the most organic and safe way. To enhance smart living LG’s side by side refrigerators are equipped with multi digital sensors which have a temperature monitor so that you can adjust temperature accurately. Various types of sensors are available for controlling different sections of the refrigerator. To add to the convenience, the refrigerators also feature Wonder Door, a special section that gives access to frequently used food, drinks and snacks stored in it. It offers Smart Space management and energy saving.

Price range: INR1,25,000 – 1,86,500

Oatmeal cookies by Gaia

blankGaia has launched cookies with the goodness of oatmeal, whole-wheat and honey. These cookies seem to be a good combination of health and taste. They are rich in fibre and keep one feeling full for a long time. The cookies have less sugar making them a good snacking option for dieters and diabetics.

Price: INR45

Stylish aviators by Provogue

blankProvogue has come up with new blue aviators. These aviators flaunt stylish smokey lens and a sleek silver frame. They have a slightly curved double bridge that give it a subtle yet classy look. The aviators are designed in line with the current trend of aviators sported by celebrities. The Provogue branding is subtly lasered at the temple tip. They are versatile and go well with all attires from casual wear to formal suits.

Price: INR2550


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