Collection of Buddha idols, home-cleaning robots, sunscreens and more…

Wellbeing products launched in June 2012

Frazer and Haws unveils its Buddha collection

Buddha idolsThe new Buddha collection by Frazer and Haws includes different idols of Buddha including Healing Buddha, Gautam and Siddhartha. Hand crafted in terracotta and sterling silver, the Healing Buddha is in a meditating pose. His left hand holds a bowl of healing nectar and the right hand holds the magical plant that cures all diseases. Gautam, has a serene face that reflects peace and quietude and is also hand crafted in terracotta and sterling silver. Siddhartha, is just the face of Buddha with a lotus placed on his forehead denoting spiritual ascent. It is hand crafted in marble and sterling silver, which is available in black and white.

Price: INR 60,000 onwards.

Home-cleaning robots!

Home cleaning robotMilagrow HumanTech has launched RedHawk, BlackCat and Robocop, three home cleaning robots to keep homes free from germs and dust. The robots are equipped to clean all types of surfaces from marble and carpets to wood. They can re-charge themselves in between cleaning cycles. The robots are endowed with obstacle and stair detection intelligence, which allows them to manoeuvre around objects. The stair detection feature is based on the infrared principle and ensures that the robots do not fall off stairs, balconies or tables. They can be auto-scheduled to clean at a desired date and time in the future. These cleaners come packed with an in-built UV ray lamp, which when turned on emits UV rays that break the DNA of virus and bacteria thus destroying germs. When the battery goes below 15 per cent level, the robots automatically go back to their charging dock, charge themselves and resume cleaning. They have six cleaning modes such as spot, zigzag and wall-to-wall cleaning and can navigate under furniture and other hard to reach places. The robots can be programmed to not venture into certain spaces such as a small child’s play area. The dirt detection capability measures the amount of dirt and cleans accordingly.

Prices: Robocop INR9,990, BlackCat INR15,990, and RedHawk INR16,990.

Andis introduces hair styling irons

Styling ironsAndis Company has launched the new curved edge flat irons that are equivalent to professional styling irons. Tourmaline crystals are crushed from precious gemstones and are included in the flat plates. These emit negative ions that seal the cuticle layer of the hair quickly to eliminate frizz. The irons come with nano-ceramic plates to deliver far-infrared heat, which penetrates hair from the inside out for long lasting styles. The ceramic plates have curved edges to straighten hair without leaving dents or lines. The irons are designed to heat up in 30 seconds and come with 20 variable heat settings to match different hair types and textures. They are equipped with a closing lock for convenient storage and include auto shut-off for safety. Swivel cords are provided to allow manoeuvring without tangles. The irons come with one year warranty and can be used to create curls and soft waves and straighten hair.

Price: INR 2750

Clarins launches a beige-tinted sunscreen

SunscreenClarins introduces a new beige-tinted version of its sunscreen UV PLUS HP SPF 40 specially formulated for protection against photo-ageing, dark spots and effects of city life. It has a 100 per cent mineral screen and a texture that leaves no white residue on skin. It also contains an anti-pollution complex formulated with five ingredients and plant extracts to protect against effects of pollution. It also contains a fruit extract that is rich in superoxide dismutase [SOD] antioxidants that is derived from organically grown canteloupe melons. This helps destroy “primary” free radicals before they damage lipids, proteins and cellular DNA.

Price: On request


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