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What has yoga got to do with your work life? Plenty!

Yoga, the way it is taught and practised in the west, lacks moral integrity, without which one cannot achieve mental health, leave aside inner freedom

Yoga for busy bees: 5 simple asanas you can do on your desk

Try these five simple yoga asanas that you can do during a busy workday to relieve stress

Read this before your next yoga class

Grazilia Khatri shares some must-follow rules of a yoga class

Vinyasa yoga: The body, the breath and the mind

A more comfortable alternative to hatha or iyengar yoga, vinyasa yoga is a blend of serenity and energy that brings the promise of healing and relief
Woman meditating in her house

Five point yoga: Ways to discipline yourself

Niyama is an important aspect of Ashtanga yoga and has to do with how one regulates the self. Sage Patanjali has laid down five niyamas that are observances for the ‘self’
Man enjoying his life

Off the mat: Ashtanga Yoga guidelines for a balanced life

There is much more to the ancient science of yoga than just asanas and pranayama

Reborn through yoga

How Yoga gave one woman a new lease of life...literally