The biology of belief: Unleashing the power of consciousness, matter, & miracles by Bruce H. Lipton

Lipton uses many real-life examples to demonstrate the power beliefs have on our body


Published by Hay House; illustrated hardcover edition [September 15, 2008]

Pages: 240

Price: $24.95

ISBN: 978-1401923112

All of us have our own set of beliefs about various things in life. But these actually affect our body functions? This is what cell biologist Bruce Lipton explores in his new book The Biology of Belief With the help of cellular experiments, quantum physics and deep thoughts into consciousness, Bruce Lipton shows us how our every thought and every belief acts on the body’s cellular systems. We are already aware of how stress causes acidity and headache, anxiety translates into stomach pain or insomnia. Our thoughts and beliefs have a strong affect on our body’s functioning. And how deep these beliefs run determines how strongly they affect the body. Lipton uses many real-life examples to demonstrate the power beliefs have on our body—people afflicted with grave diseases including cancer got rid of their disease using the mind. Using examples of people who died because they believed it when told that they would die soon, he cautions us to be careful about our beliefs.

The central theme that runs through the entire book is: Be aware and be careful of your thoughts and the beliefs you are stuck to, because they might become true.

This book if properly read, understood and followed, will give you total power over your health, such that you will never need a doctor or drugs again. Go, grab a copy.

P V Vaidyanathan
Dr P V Vaidyanathan, MD, DCH, is a Mumbai-based paediatrician in private practice, hobbyist writer, and author of a book on childhood stress management.


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