Conversations with Dada Vaswani: A Perfect Disciple, A Reluctant Master By Ruzbeh Bharucha

Dada Vaswani, a spiritual teacher to millions, shares His innermost thoughts and ideals with Ruzbeh Bharucha, the author of the Fakir trilogy

Wisdom with humility

Conversations with Dada Vaswani: A Perfect Disciple, A Reluctant Master By Ruzbeh Bharucha
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Published by: Penguin Random House India
ISBN: 978-0143426660
Pages: 288
Price: INR 299

In a world where words are loud and confusion runs deep, a book comes along and acts as a soothing balm. Conversation with Dada Vaswani not only answers the most common questions seekers tend to have but also immerses you in a divine peace—a kind of tranquillity that feels like a rare blessing.

This book documents the many conversations the writer had with Dada Vaswani over a period of several months. But make no mistake—a book based on conversations does not mean it would be dull and boring. Dada will make you want to read more and keep you hooked with his wisdom and his childlike humour that is always accompanied by his characteristic humility. Though considered as a master by millions, he refuses to call himself a Guru and insists that he is only a friend to the devotees who flock to hear him from across the world. In a world where the so called “Spiritual Gurus” are seen on celebrity and entertainment pages of newspapers, here is a man who prefers to keep a low profile and quietly channels his energies to work for the downtrodden.

While reading this book, you will likely be touched by Dada’s profound simplicity even as his divinity starts having an effect. By the end of the book, you will come away feeling differently towards life.

Throughout this book, as in his discourses, Dada Vaswani talks fondly of his Guru, Sadhu Vaswani. When he talks of his home in Karachi in undivided India—the Saints, godmen and the fakirs that would walk around Sindh then—it feels like home. It’s strange that Karachi, which is now one of the most unsafe cities in the world, was once so safe, prosperous and clean.

Bharucha makes it a point to ask many pertinent questions—questions that we all wants answers for. Dada responds with eloquence. He emphasises why and how spirituality should be a way of life for everyone, not something you turn towards when you are old and frail. Dada used anecdotes to explain some of the most beautiful and mysterious ideas which only a master like him can explain. As you read the book, you encounter teachings of some of the greatest spiritual teachers that India has ever produced—from Meher Baba to Swami Vivekananda.

Dada’s language is lucid and clear as is reflected in the conversations between the master and his disciple—each page is filled with spiritual gems and sometimes you just feel like keep the book aside and letting the wisdom sink in. As it happens with insights from masters, you keep coming back to each question many times and find a new meaning every time. Dada teachings flow like the river—no assertion, just gentle persuasion. And therein lies the beauty of the book.

Though the based on spiritual teachings, it does not negate science. Being educated as a scientist, Dada explains many things from a scientific perspective. What’s really striking is that at no place do we come across religious preaching of any kind. Dada firmly believes that prophets are avatars of the same God and wonders how futile it is for men to fight one over the other.

When you finish the book, you will feel like your conversation with a wise, loving soul has just ended. You are filled with gratitude for Dada’s answers as well as his love. A thirst for more arises but for that you need to go within, says Dada.

This is a must read for spiritual seekers. If nothing else, it will bring you a sense of serenity and peace that we all seek.


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