7 Karma Codes: Heal the Storm Within By Suzy Singh

Seven codes to transform your relationship with yourself and others

Published by: Life Positive Books7 karma codes

Pages: 400

Price: Rs 390

ISBN-13: 978-9384238216

The synopsis describes this book as “A dialogue every man’s soul wants to have with him.” That itself should tell you that this book is not for everyone because not all of us are ready to take a good hard look at our lives. But if you are one of those who is seeking answers to life’s profound questions, then it’s definitely worth a read.

Why am I suffering so much? How can I be at peace? What is Karma? How does it impact my present circumstances? What happens when we die? These are some common questions that surface when we deliberate about our existence and our purpose on this planet. In this book, author Suzy Singh, who calls herself a Karma Coach, attempts to answer these questions by reconnecting us to the principles of ancient wisdom—stuff that we all innately know but have forgotten or disconnected with, due to our conditioning and modern lives. The seven karma codes form the backbone of the book and Suzy explains how these codes have the power to change our lives. Through her own experiences and those of her clients, she states that the ticket to our freedom is universal: look within yourself. That sounds simple but we all know that to find answers within ourselves requires a compass to help with direction. That’s where this book comes handy.

Suzy lucidly explains how each one of us is connected to each other, beyond time and space and how everything that we do or say has a butterfly effect within the context of the collective human consciousness. She states that before we can hope to be at peace or do any good in this world, we first need to attend to our own wounds, received in this lifetime and even those inherited from our ancestors. Needless to say, the book also talks about our spirit guides and masters who are forever willing to help. And no, you don’t need any special qualifications to access them. They are always around; all you need to do is call them and ask for help.

The book also touches upon how a soul chooses the family it wants to be born in, in order to accelerate its own growth. The author contends that even when the soul chooses a home that is filled with violence and poverty, there is a higher reason for doing so because that environment offers the most fertile ground for the soul’s learning.

According to the author, each one of us has a purpose in life and that our soul lessons are imprinted in our DNA, yet there are many pathways before us. She explains exactly what these are and how you can activate a higher destiny.

7 Karma Codes nudges us not to waste time on the drama that we often surround ourselves with. It tells us that a better life is within our reach, based on the choices we make each day. What I liked most about the book is that it does not make spirituality appear as something lofty and only for ascetics. Rather, the reader is introduced to the middle path, where one can enjoy a life abundant with material pleasures and also where you accelerate spiritually.


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