Why you should consider using an aid for your hearing loss

Don't shy away from using a hearing aid because of how obvious or ugly they look. These days you have many sleek options to choose from


Hearing loss or hearing impairment is not something restricted to the geriatric age group but men and women of all ages face this issue. However, many folks would rather live with the hearing loss than use a hearing aid, because they don’t wish for others to know about this shortcoming. This is a natural feeling but present day hearing aids are sophisticated devices that are sleek and highly effective. They are adaptable to the modern user and most importantly, can be concealed very well.

The benefits of modern hearing aids

  1. Hearing aids try to emulate natural voices and sounds. They no longer have micro phonic sounding tones. They are custom made to suit each user and have an excellent signal to noise ratio.
  2. They are as invisible or visible as the user wants them to be. Many hearing aids are discreet and can be placed comfortably in the ear canal. There are a variety of styles in hearing aids to serve users cosmetically. Hearing aids today are glamorous and can make a style statement too!
  3. Today’s hearing aids are digital and adapt automatically to different listening environments from one to one conversation in a quiet area to noisy market places or even theatres.
  4. Hearing aids these days are highly compatible wirelessly with smart phones, computers and TVs. One can hear the TV directly into their hearing aids through blue tooth connectivity.
  5. Music lovers can tune in to music from their smart phones or computers. Accessories are available at nominal prices to make these connections happen.
  6. Most hearing aids work on batteries that have a varied life. Newer machines are rechargeable and can be charged like your phone and they are ready for use in the morning if charged overnight.

How to care for your hearing aid

These tiny appliances require the individual using them to keep their ears devoid of wax and moisture. They have to be removed while sleeping and bathing. The ear piece of the ‘completely in the canal’ hearing aids and ‘receiver in the canal’ hearing aids have a wax guard that prevents the ear wax from entering the hearing aid. At night, keep your devices in moisture absorbent containers that come with the hearing aids. There are many accessories that come with the hearing aid at time of purchase, which can be used periodically to clean the machine. The battery life of the hearing aid depends on the hearing aid model, usage and care of the machine. Hearing aids usually come with two years warranty. They also require yearly reprogramming to suit individual needs better. Your hearing wellness professional/ audiologist will take care of the servicing and reprogramming needs that come up from time to time.

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