True Spa: Truly exhilarating

There's nothing else you'd want to do with your better half than spend a day in a spa experiencing the pleasures of an indulgent couple massage. The True Spa experience was wonderful!

True SpaA novice at ‘spa’ing before this, my idea of a massage was limited to the one offered by the therapist at my local beauty salon. So, I was absolutely clueless of what to expect—more so because it was the first time I went for a couple massage ritual. The experience was beyond what I could have imagined, especially since I found myself soaking in a bathtub, which also had my better half.

The VIP Suite Couple Massage

The VIP couple massage suite at True Spa is tastefully done up, complete with scented candles, dim lighting and a twinkling starry roof—I couldn’t wait for the treatment to begin. The first step was to soak in a twin bathtub filled with a milk-like liquid and thousands of rose petals floating on it. Since I had only seen such indulgence in movies, being there made me feel like a diva. The moment we stepped into the bath, we were like two kids who had just received their favourite candy—we grinned from ear to ear for a full 20 minutes. It was fantasy, joy and sensuality, all rolled in one.

The next step was the actual massage, for which we were moved to the massage couch. [Trust me…you just don’t want to get out of that bathtub yet!]. The individual massage couches are close to each other, letting you gaze into your partner’s eyes, while relaxing in the hands of professional therapists who take their job very seriously. Our therapists used a dense aroma oil to skilfully work up every single muscle group in a certain sequence. I was already beginning to think that I should be doing this more often, when the hour-long massaged concluded. I came from out of my reverie feeling thoroughly relaxed in body and mind.

And I couldn’t imagine what new sensations showering in a glass shower cubicle would evoke. Then I found out. If the bathtub routine ignites the romantic feelings, and the massage therapy augments them, the showering step simply nails it down. The evening, I knew, will be savoured for a long, long time. No brownie points for guessing that I just didn’t want the treatment to end.

Professional touch

True SpaHowever good the spa and its facilities, without good therapists, everything is vain. Thankfully, our therapists were professional masseuses. Throughout the actual massage, they kept checking if we were comfortable and if the pressure they were applying was adequate. Moreover, not only did they know how to massage the right way, but they were also trained in etiquette. Each time they left the suite, we were gently informed how long they would be gone and what would happen next as part of the treatment.

The missing link

In the otherwise perfect setting, I was a tad disappointed that they had missed one important element—music. We would expect that a spa room, especially a couple suite, would have some soft, music playing in the background to complete the decadent experience.

Spa Details

Treatment: VIP Suite Couple Massage

Location: True Spa, True Fitness, Mumbai

Duration: 3 hours

Price: Rs 11,000 onwards per couple


Treatment: ****

Ambience: ****

Therapist: ****

Price: ***

S Nivida is a freelance writer based in Mumbai. She writes about health, lifestyle and fashion.


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