Think twice before you criticise

Be humble in the world of wisdom

Woman thinkingTo complain against people, gives you a good feeling. Criticising others, you feel you are higher; complaining about others, you feel you are better. It is very ego fulfilling.

And I am saying almost everybody does it. A few people do it out loud, a few people do it just within themselves, but the enjoyment is the same.

Only rarely are there people who don’t criticise, who don’t complain; those are the people who have dropped their egos. Then there is no point, why should you bother about it? It is none of your business, it no longer pays you.

Hence my emphasis is: drop the ego. With the dropping of the ego, you will find almost a whole world disappearing. The whole world that was knit around the ego falls away completely, and you start seeing people in a new light. Perhaps the same person that you might have criticised in the same situation... you now feel a great compassion for, a great love, a deep desire to help. The same person and the same situation you would have complained against. Now your eyes are different; you see things differently. Perhaps you will see that in this situation there is nothing to complain about.

Your outlook will become more human, more friendly... a deep acceptance of people as they are. You know only some part of them; you don’t know their whole life. And it is not good to decide from a small fragment about the whole person. That small fragment may be absolutely fitting and right in the whole context.

But the situation is this: it is very easy to criticise. It does not need much intelligence.

I have often told a story of ‘The Fool’ by Turgenev.


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