The magic potions

Use these little drops of liquid packed with the power to give your hair and skin an instant boost

Woman under facial treatmentSmall is big in this world. Almost all products today have reduced in size and increased in performance. It’s also a world of instant results. This is true for beauty products too. Serums give instant results, come in small packages and do big things for your looks.

What is a serum?

For skin: A serum is a liquid meant to treat ailments such as dehydration, redness and fine lines. Though it is similar to a moisturiser in design and purpose, it contains highly concentrated ingredients chemically formulated into molecules much smaller than those in a moisturiser. That’s why a serum gets absorbed into the skin quickly and more deeply for a more intensive effect than a cream or a moisturiser. These small molecules enter the inter-cellular space immediately and start working faster and better, giving phenomenal results. The epidermal cells gets stimulated, their division and renewal accelerated. Thanks to the better penetration, the results are more visible and long lasting.

For hair: A serum is a highly concentrated homogenised mixture of liquids. Its main ingredients are proteins, amino acids, sugars and fats. They are made mainly from plant extracts such as sage and jojoba seeds. Serums act like an antibiotic, protecting your hair against the harmful effects of pollution, UVA and UVB rays, blow-drying, ironing, curling and poor handling. Serums penetrate the hair to improve the manageability of every kind of hair.

They come in the form of a capsule, bottled and are for external use only.

How to choose the right one?

There are different kinds of serums for different purposes.

For skin: Just like creams and moisturisers, you need to choose serums for your skin type and requirement. You will find a variety of serums available in the market. You would also find some amazing multi-vitamin serums available meant for all skin types. Serums are designed to smooth, soften, and hydrate the skin and to minimise the appearance of fine lines.

Skin serum and their uses:

  • Lemon aroma: A serum for oily skin, it helps balance the excess oil in the skin keeping it matt, but glowing.
  • Peach aroma: A serum for dry and dull skin, it allows optimal hydration and softens the skin.
  • Mango aroma: A serum for combination skin, it restores the balance of sebum production, provides optimal hydration and softens the skin.
  • Activator complex Gatuline R: A serum for sensitive skin, it effectively prevents against premature wrinkles.

There are several more serums for different purposes in the market. The ones mentioned above were just some of the more popular ones. Serums are good if you have an oily skin, as it gives the right amount of hydration for the skin without giving it an unnatural shine.

Woman combing her long hairFor hair: Specific serums work for specific hair problems. So there are serums for split ends, for detangling, heat protection and for moisturising. Use a serum as per your requirement. For instance, if you are to undergo a thermal service, apply a heat protective serum before that to protect your hair from the heat. It will prevent extreme loss of moisture from your hair and keep the physical structure intact. The plant fats and the oils extracts will help restore moisture.

There is also an effective concentrated non-oily emulsion for all hair types. It is designed to protect your hair contains an important ingredient like serine, an amino acid which acts like a barrier against harmful environmental agents.

You can even use serums to keep your hair healthy. The unique plant proteins present in the serum act as a protective element, keeping it smooth and tangle-free.

How and when to apply?

For skin: Apply only a drop of the serum to your fingertips and massage it gently onto your freshly-cleansed skin in the morning and at night. Then use your usual moisturiser. Serums are concentrated, so only a drop or two is enough for your whole face and neck.

For hair: Use very little—as much as a dime—for your hair. Apply on the length of the hair avoiding the scalp skin. Hair serums are viscous but not sticky. While applying, massage on the ends and the lengths and proceed until the smoothness on the fingers disappears completely. Do not rinse your hair; leave it on for a day as it also acts as a leave-on conditioner. Take special care when applying a serum on damp hair. After you apply, comb your hair from the back to the front with a wide-tooth comb or massage a little at its length and ends to ensure that it spreads evenly. You can even receive a hair treatment if you like after you’ve applied a serum.

Even though serums are highly concentrated, they are not greasy and don’t make your hair look heavy and oily. They are non-greasy and act immediately on your hair, giving it a healthy shine. Just a single application is enough.

Esther Kinder
Esther Kinder is the Technical Educator at Brushman [India] Ltd. With a rich experience of seven years and training at Keune, she is fully immersed in her passion to make delight for her clients and students.
Rittu Kumar
Rittu Kumar is the Technical Director - Skin Care at Brushman India Limited.


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