Spring cleaning for your soul

Keeping pessimistic thoughts within us limits us from achieving our highest potential says Anne Jones


Harbouring negative energies can block us from fully connecting with our most powerful spirit energy; clearing these energies helps you to connect with your soul and access your divine powers.

Why we need to clear negative energies

Your soul or spiritual energy has three aspects—your higher self, your soul and your heart.

Your higher self stays on the higher plane and dimensions of existence and is untouched by the negativity and challenges of life on Earth. When you are born and start a new cycle of life on the earthly planes, your soul energy unites with your physical body and from the very outset of your life it will be challenged by life experiences. These are intended to teach you and give you the opportunity to grow spiritually. As you learn and understand the purpose of your life experiences, your wisdom grows and this accumulates with all the wisdom your soul has acquired through every life time. This depository of understanding sits with your higher self, which becomes your own database of wisdom and knowledge. This higher understanding and knowing can be accessed at any time while you go about your daily life and is generally referred to as intuition—or for the male population who prefer a more grounded description—a gut feeling!

Your soul energy is connected to your higher self through your heart centre with a cord of energy. This cord or channel can be fully open or blocked. The connection is always there but remains blocked for most of us, most of the time. This means we are not fully connected and not fully in touch with our spiritual wisdom; which is why we find it difficult to make decisions or have trust in our higher self or the universe to provide for our needs and wants.

The energies that block us from our higher self are also the energies that bring down the vibrancy of our aura and general energy levels for physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. Let’s take a look at these blocking and harmful energies.

Energies that block

All energies thoughts and feelings that are not of love will take you further and further from your goal of being fully connected to your higher self

In the truest sense of the word, there is no negative energy, but there is energy that is heavy, unlike the light and vibrant energy of love. I call it loveless energy. However, to keep things simple and straightforward I shall use the term ‘negative energy’ to describe any atmosphere or energy that you create or attract that pulls you down and keeps you away from your higher self. Each day we pick up energies and attachments and create blocks and heaviness in our energy field. There are a number of sources of negativity and I will address those that most commonly affect us.

Thought forms created from anxious and negative thoughts

You are a moving mass of specks of energy. Although you feel dense and solid, you are in fact far from it because you are made up of energy. Therefore you are susceptible to the changing vibrations of the energies around you.

You are also affected by your own thoughts and feelings. Positive thoughts make your overall energy lighter and raise the frequency, while negative thoughts hold a heavier and denser vibration. Therefore, the more upbeat and positive you feel, the lighter is your energy; the more despondent and unhappy you are, the heavier and darker your overall energy becomes.

Apart from this overall effect, negative thoughts like anger, resentment, self-dislike, pessimism and anxiety will create actual blocks in your energy field. When you have the same negative thoughts about yourself or your life over and over again, the energies of those thoughts bind together and create a mass that obstructs the flow of energy through your system. Thoughts such as:

I hate my body”

“I don’t know where the rent money will come from”

“I don’t have enough clients—I fear my business will fail”

“I wonder if this lump is cancer”

“I am so scared of dying”

“I am so useless—my mother was right”

All these will stay with you and bring you down, spiritually, emotionally and physically.

Avoiding other people’s negative thoughts

Your own negativity acts as a magnet to attract negative people and situations. As you heal [transform the energy from dark to light] your own scars, hurts, imprints and thoughts, you will find that you are affected less and less by the negativity of others. But while you are going through the healing process—which can take time—it’s advisable to use protection. Here are a few ways that you can keep yourself clear:

  • Visualise yourself surrounded by a  violet flame of protection—this will clear both other people’s thought forms and your own.
  • See yourself in a bubble of light that has thick walls through which nothing but love can enter; all emotional shafts that come towards you bounce off the walls.

How to get rid of negative energy

Here is a process that works well to clear and lighten your energy field. The principle we are using here is that you are dispersing the balls of negative energy that cling to each other like a magnet. These are your negative thoughts, which are drawn like to like to create blocks. Negativity from other people will be attracted in the same way. Once you release your negativity, you will find you are not a magnet for outside negativity either.

  • Find a quiet place and shut the door—even if this is the loo at work!
  • Use your hands as combs. Sweep and comb through your energy field and flick away the energies—this will disperse them.
  • Hold the intention of lightening your energy field and clearing all that is not supporting and lifting you. If you are completely alone, say “I release all negativity that is in and attached to my aura” [say it in your head if you can be overheard].
  • If you are in your own home, it’s useful to flick the unwanted energies into a bowl of water and sea salt, for salt attracts and holds negativity and it will help to keep your room clear.

What you need for successful self-healing

The process of self-healing requires:

  • Awareness : You need to acknowledge that you have something that needs healing
  • Intention : Set your mind and will to heal and gain understanding
  • Open your mind and heart to allow the healing to happen : Set this intention by holding your hands, prayer style, in front of first your heart then your forehead then open them wide
  • See the signs and read your body : Keep your awareness high as the energies you need come towards you
  • Let it happen in its own time and don’t stress about the process : Go with the flow of it!

Healing happens when energies are allowed to change, when you are prepared to let the emotions flow, when you are honest with yourself, when your desire to be happier, lighter and free is stronger than your fear of the change.

Lastly, remember that healing will never happen whilst you blame yourself, other people, your circumstances or even the government!

Excerpted with permission from The Soul Connection By Anne Jones, published by Piatkus

This was first published in the March 2015 issue of Complete Wellbeing.

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