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Eyebrow grooming is an important aspect of facial make-up. Here’s how to keep your arches in best shape and style

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The eyebrows are a very small part of our facial features and are without doubt one of the most neglected aspects of body care. Most of us fail to realise that our face has the capacity to light up or look dim depending on the appearance of our eyebrows. They are thus one of the most expressive facial features.

Know the facts

The reason why you do not have sweat running down into your eyes is because your eyebrows act as ‘sweatbands’. The eyebrows help keep moisture away from our eyes, when we sweat or walk around in the rain. Without them, it would be very difficult to go about performing simple, daily chores because our eyes would always be in tears.

Shape it right

Identifying the right shape for your eyebrows may prove to be an interesting challenge for many. This is because every face requires a customised eyebrow style. Well-shaped eyebrows help to accentuate your face structure.

  • Arched: If you have a wide jaw and a round cheek, the arched shape eyebrows are perfect for you. This shape adds proportion and broadens up the appearance of the eye and is ideal, especially if you have very thick brows.
  • Angled: For those of you with a round or wide face, angled brow shapes are best. Considered as one of the most attractive among all eyebrow shapes, the angled shape provides a vertical line to the face making it look slimmer.
  • Curved: A face with sharp and angular features needs a curved eyebrow shape. This tones down the heavy look of the face and adds softness to the overall facial look.
  • Flat: For those with widely spaced eyes and a narrow face, a flat eyebrow style is recommended. This helps the face to look slightly broader and helps reduce the gap between the eyes.
  • Round: The round and fuller eyebrow is best for those with a wide forehead or large eyes.

Keep it professional

Always trust the hands of a professional rather than yours when it comes to shaping eyebrows. This is especially true if you are a first timer. A professional will use either waxing or threading as a medium to shape your brows.

Groom it at home

Many people neglect maintaining their brows once they move out of the technician’s chair. However, everyone must invest in a good pair of tweezers and a brow brush and regularly pluck out the new hair to keep your brow area neat and trim. Avoid removing hair along the arch line as this could break the shape of the brow. Instead focus on those near the eyelids and in between the brows. Let me give you a few must-know tips:

  • Purchase a tweezer that has a slant edge and a rough textured point as this can grip hair firmly while plucking out.
  • To numb the area and lessen pain, place ice cubes a few minutes before plucking hair out.
  • Always ensure there is sufficient light to pull out the right hair and the right amount.

Grow them a little

Too many people are bugged by very sparse eyebrow growth whether they have inherited it or have it due to any other reason. A disciplined regime will ensure improved growth:

  • Olive oil or castor oil: Massage your brows with either of these oils every night before hitting the bed.
  • Milk: Squeeze a little onto your brows daily.
  • Vitamins: Ensure a good intake of vitamins daily; it helps in hair growth.

Keep up with the trend

Apart from the methods mentioned above, the latest trend available is the permanent eyebrow shaping. In this method, a few sessions are required to ‘own’ a beautiful shape of your choice and as befitting to the shape of your face.

And finally, love that arch of hair that seems so little and yet adds the radiance that makes you a beautiful person.

Eyebrow speak

Eyebrows are an important part in our body language. Here’s what they have to say.


When we are surprised, our eyebrows are often raised. Raising eyebrows can also signal a question. When as question is asked and the eyebrows raised afterwards, this is a clear invitation to answer the question.

Opposite to the dominant lowering of eyebrows, raising eyebrows may be a submissive move or indicate openness.

Raising a single eyebrow [which only some people can do] can be a bit more ironic in its meaning. It could mean asking, ‘are you sure?’ when the other person appears to be talking with limited accuracy.


Lowered eyebrows indicate deception or a desire that eye signals are harder to see. They also indicate annoyance and can be a sign of a dominant person.


When the middle of the eyebrows are pulled down to slope inwards, it often shows that the person is angry or frustrated. It can also indicate intense concentration.


When we see people we know, we often give a quick up-down flash of the eyebrows in recognition and greeting.


— Team CW

This was first published in the February 2010 issue of Complete Wellbeing.

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Anuradha Ch
Anuradha Ch is a trained cosmetologist with a degree from the Christine Valmy Beauty School, New York. She is also the director of Anoo's a chain of salons in South India. Anuradha's hobbies include watching movies and sports like cricket, cooking and reading books. She lives in Hyderabad.


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