Homoeopathy works!

Homoeopathy can be effective if we understand what it can, and cannot, do

Consulting with doctorHomoeopathy is a safe, gentle, simple, effective and scientific form of medicine, which gives long-lasting permanent cure. In some cases, homoeopathy can also avert the necessity of surgery. Homoeopathy is more than 200 years old, and is rapidly gaining popularity all over the world. Homoeopathic medicines are equally effective in chronic, acute, functional or structural ailments. Homoeopathy does not suppress and it does not give temporary relief. The treatment is given to correct the root cause of the illness. Since homoeopathic medicines are devoid of all chemical toxicity, homoeopathy is ideal for people of all ages and gender. Homoeopathy is also safe during pregnancy, during delivery and even for a newborn baby. Diabetic patients too can take homoeopathic pills because the amount of sugar present is very small. Medicines can also be administered in distilled water, thereby avoiding pills.

Personalised treatment

Homoeopathy considers every individual as different and treats the individual patient. It does not consider the physical and mental illnesses separately, but regards them as intimately connected to each other; since they are aspects of the whole suffering individual. A remedy is therefore prescribed for the individual patient, not merely for his or her diseased part but for the person’s whole state. It helps in building the over all resistance or immunity of an individual.

Integrated approach

Homoeopathic remedy energises or stimulates the body’s self-healing powers by mobilising the defence system, and working on the mental, emotional and physical aspects of the body. Homoeopathy recognises the psychological origin of body symptoms. Homoeopathic remedies are capable of influencing the state of mind, and can cure mental, emotional disturbed states It claims and establishes the cure of diseases in minute doses. Homoeopathic treatment gives importance to the mental state of a patient.

Homoeopathy is not slow acting

Contrary to popular perception, homoeopathy is not slow acting. It does take some time for treatment as most of the people coming for homoeopathic treatment have a long history of chronic ailments. They turn to homoeopathy quite late, when everything else has failed and the disease has progressed with several complications. Therefore, the treatment naturally takes a longer time.

Long shelf-life

Homoeopathic medicines are prescribed in different strengths or potencies as they are called. Most of the medicines are prepared in an alcohol base. The white sugar globules or pills are only a medium for the transport of the medicine into the body. It is the medicine [in liquid form] that is the active ingredient. Medicines may be given in the liquid form, or in the form of powders or pills. If stored properly, homoeopathic medicines can be used for years, without any deterioration of quality.

Very safe

Homoeopathic medicines are derived from natural sources and are prepared in such a way that they are devoid of chemical toxicity. The uniqueness about homoeopathy is that every medicine is tested on healthy human beings and their effects are recorded. Thus, the effects that shall be produced on an individual after administering the medicine are known. Hence the possibility of any danger to the patient is minimal.

Precautions while taking medicines

The medicines get absorbed from the inner linings of the mouth. Any strong odour in the oral cavity may hinder the absorption of the medicine. Therefore, patients are asked to abstain from onions, garlic, coffee, tea, tobacco, alcohol etc. It is advisable to have the medication on a clean and fresh mouth, and not to drink, or eat, or smoke just before and after the medicine.


Like every system, homoeopathy too has its own scope and limitations. People need to understand that everything on this Earth cannot be treated. Homeopathic treatment will be ideal to prepare patients for surgery and to help them recover from the operation. Similarly, cases of dislocation and fracture will be dealt with by an orthopaedic surgeon but homoeopathy will be of great assistance to diminish pain and enhance recovery. Generally, people afflicted with genetic, congenital, metabolic or very advanced degenerative diseases cannot always expect to be cured with homoeopathy, but are likely to receive effective palliative relief, free of the side effects.

Homoeopathy helps even on a preventive level by boosting the body’s immune system and improving an individual’s resistance to illness and infections. All sorts of curable diseases may be cured by homoeopathy. Hence, it is a complete and perfect mode of therapeutics. Make homoeopathy the first choice, and not the last resort.

Varsha Sharma
Dr Varsha Sharma, MD(Hom) has been working with an reputed homoeopathic medical college for the last 7yrs. She also runs her own private practice at Bandra, Chembur & Navi Mumbai.