Herbs for expecting and lactating mothers

New Moms and moms-to-be can benefit by learning about these herbs.

Pregnant happy womanHere’s a list of herb groups that help deal with pregnancy and post-pregnancy problems

Herbs that can help expectant mothers


This herb group keeps the uterus healthy, making it more conducive to implantation of the embryo. It also enhances the health of pregnant woman as well as her foetus in the womb. This group includes aindri, brahmi, durva, lakshmna, haritaki, amalaki, arishta, bala and priyangu.


These herbs help in the growth, health and wellbeing of the foetus for the full nine months. They provide proper nutrition to foetal tissues to develop in a healthy manner. This group includes kakoli ksheera, kakoli meda, maha meda etc and all sweet tasting herbs and fruits, anti-vata substances, ghrita or clarified butter and fresh butter.


Garbhaprasuptinivaraka is useful in cases of foetal growth retardation during pregnancy. Ghrita or clarified butter, masha or black gram and soup of radish are used as remedies. Mild, sweet and cold substances help in enhancing foetal growth.


Garbhanulomana has the potential to abort. But these herbs are used sometimes intentionally to facilitate in the delivery of foetus after full term. Kustha, ela, langali, vacha, chitraka, chirabilwa, bhurja, and shishapa herbs belong to this group.


Aparapatana supports the separation of the placenta, its descent and finally its expulsion from the uterus, which happens in the third part of labour.  This group of herbs includes bhurja leaves, kachamani, kustha, talisha, kulatha, mandukaparni, pippali [longpepper], deodar, ela, dried ginger, vidanga, kala, agaru, chavya, chitraka and upakunchika.


This group of herbal remedies damage the foetus and interferes with its health. Herbs in this group have sharp and hot properties. Remedies and diet include excessive salty and sour tasting items.

Herbs that can help lactating mothers


These herbs increase breast milk production both in quantity and quality in lactating mothers. This group comprises roots such as virana, shali, shashatika, ikshuvalika, darbha, kusha, kasha, gundra, and itkata.


These herbs remedy vitiated milk in lactating mothers. An imbalance of doshas—vata, pitta and kapha—vitiates breast milk. This is different from infection of breast tissues. Vitiated milk affects the baby’s appetite, bowel habits, colour and form of stool, and activity. This group includes patha, shunthi, devadaru, musta, murva, guduchi, indrayava, chirayata, katuki and sariva.

Suchetha C P
Dr Suchetha C P is chief consultant at Om Ayurveda and yoga health center, Mysore, Karnataka. She has authored many health and lifestyle related articles based on ayurveda for the understanding of common man.



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