Feng shui: Love by design

Use feng shui to attract love and strengthen your marital bond

Feng shui at bedroom

Your home is the haven that nurtures the bond between you and your partner. These feng shui ideas for your home, especially the bedroom, will help enhance the flow of chi between the two of you.

Remove clutter from your bedroom

Your bedroom should be a calm place where you can unwind. Clutter congests the energy of the area and a messy bedroom does not help to create a romantic atmosphere. If you want to get married or attract the right partner, prepare by getting rid of unnecessary items in your bedroom. At a symbolic level, this is indicative of you making space in your life for your partner. If you are already married, you and your partner should make sure that the space that you exclusively share [the bedroom] is neat and organised. This ensures order in your relationship as well.

Bed feng shui

Ensure that there is equal space between the bed and the walls on both sides of the bed. This allows the chi to circulate in the area. Avoid placing the bed in the corner of the room adjoining the walls. Beds with storage drawers underneath them are bad feng shui as they do not allow the chi to flow. Avoid having a single night stand; have two night stands and place them on either side of the bed as this helps to ground and balance the energy.

Colours of love

Pink is the colour of romance in feng shui. However that doesn’t mean that you need to drown your home in shades of pink. While painting the walls with pink does increase the love energy, if it’s not your colour, you can use it in lesser amounts like for accent pieces, carpets or cushions. Yellow, purple, red and white will also work to boost the chi of the place.

Avoid dark-coloured furniture and linen in the bedroom. Excess black, brown and other dull shades bring negativity to the room, hence they should be avoided.

Light the spark

A well-lit room exudes positive energy. Create ample lighting with a mix of yellow and white light. Light is the physical manifestation of the sun and its energy, so you need to maintain a balance with the lighting in your home. A room that is too dark can be depressing, but avoid having excessively lit bedroom as too much brightness will impede your relaxation.

Love stone

love-stone-1A rose quartz is a pink-coloured natural stone [also called the love stone] and is thought to augment the effects of love energy. It is used in feng shui to find and keep a partner. The energy of a rose quartz is said to heal one’s heart from pain.

Hang them near the windows, on the night stand or on the entrance door of the bedroom. To keep your relationship strong, use a glass bowl with two rose quartz balls touching each other.

Wearing a pendant, a ring or a bracelet made with rose quartz will make your partner more desirable to you and vice versa.


flower-2aIn feng shui it is not the rose that is the symbol of romance, but the peony. It is used to keep infidelity away. To keep your marriage strong, place a picture of peonies on the wall just in front of your bed. Red flowers also revitalise your love energy.

Symbols of romance

symbol-of-romance-3To heighten your love chi, use a pair of Mandarin Ducks. These must be kept facing in the same direction and preferably near the head of the bed. Mandarin ducks mate for life, so they are used in feng shui to depict commitment.

Besides Mandarin ducks, showpieces of birds like swans, turtle-doves, love birds or eagles can be used since they too mate for life. Always keep these showpieces in pairs as this is symbolic of your devotion to you partner.

The endless knot is another feng shui cure that can be used near the bed. In Buddhism, the endless knot is one of the eight auspicious objects. This symbol implies there is no beginning and no end and it represents the harmonious flow of energy with no setbacks, misfortunes and accidents.

Heart shaped pillows, showpieces and flower vases are good for the flow of chi when used in the bedroom and surroundings.


artwork-4Decorate the bedroom, lobby and drawing room with photographs or paintings of dancers, musicians or couples. Avoid pictures of single people, desolate landscapes or any artwork that is melancholic.

The phoenix is the Chinese symbol of celebration; wearing an ornament with a phoenix or putting up a small painting of a phoenix increases chi. But if you use this type of painting, it should be red-oriented and hung on the southern wall.


Never exchange gifts like scissors, blades, knives, tonics, kerchiefs or tragic novels as these are symbolic of negative energy.

Subtle feng shui

Attending marriage ceremonies, functions and festivals also increases love energy since they all symbolise happiness. The energy of these events then spreads into our lives.

One of the best feng shui cures to activate your love energy is the ‘Visualising Exercise’. In this exercise, visualise what you desire as if it is taking place genuinely. People may call it day-dreaming, but concentrating on a particular desire may also activate luck in that area of your life and often yields the desired results.

Picture credits
  • CC BY 2.0 by Nozomi
  • CC BY-ND 2.0 by Trisha
  • CC BY 2.0 by Holly Occhipinti
  • A phoenix depicted in a book of mythological creatures by FJ Bertuch (1747–1822)

This was first published in the November 2014 issue of Complete Wellbeing.

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