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What you think about your self, is how the world sees you; change your self image

woman introspectingThe primary cause that underlies all our so-called imbalances can be addressed by asking ourselves a simple question: Who or what do I believe I am? This encompasses a whole bundle of beliefs that help us create our sense of identity.

You are what you think

This idea is a major psychological breakthrough of the 20th century. How do I see myself? What kind of a person am I? What kind of a parent, partner or worker am I? Am I good at languages, math or music? Whatever we think of ourselves accurately predicts our behaviour. The way we see ourselves is the way we function. We pursue activities that we know we can accomplish and stay away from those that we feel we might fail at.

We see around us talented people in sports, arts or business who weren’t able to develop their talent because their sense of self, their self-image was the real obstacle.

Re-create yourself

We develop our belief-system in the first seven years of our life. How we react to the experiences of childhood create the software of our beliefs. Our conscious mind produces the pictures we see of the world. Whatever these pictures maybe—good, bad or scary—our subconscious treats them as the truth and without argument, ensures that our behaviour matches those images. This software is our subconscious and becomes the most powerful influencer in our lives. We become creatures of habit; thinking the same day-to-day, being the same every day, especially under stress. Stress takes us instantly back to childhood. This continues until we choose to make it different. And that’s all that’s necessary. That intention alone is the beginning of a new and conscious way of life.

Others see in us what we see in ourselves. As we change our perceptions of ourselves, we change the way the world appears to us. It is our self-image that determines how we interpret and respond to life.

Energy follows intention

My experience has taught me that if we wish to bring about a meaningful change, the transformation comes from within. Everything begins with our idea of who we think we are and what we think we’re capable of. A positive image of ourselves allows us to take positive steps without fear and hence, achieve positive results. In this way, our new ideas get transformed into reality and we begin to create the future we really want.

Ritu Malhotra
Ritu Malhotra is the co-founder of AJNA Center for Learning, Pune. She has been trained in psychology and various alternative holistic methods of self-help. Her metaphysical training enables her to approach health on all levels in a truly spiritual manner.


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