As a doctor, I would often perceive the emotions of my patients and realise that there is much more to healing an individual than just using orthodox medicine. I would wonder why people get depressed or fall sick and what I could do differently to help them. I realised that 99 per cent of all illnesses are just physical manifestations of mental and emotional distress, and that it was more important to work on the individuals’ emotions than treating the symptoms of the disease in order to cure it.

This awareness led me to explore numerous healing modalities. One thing led to another and I started working on my clients in a holistic way, treating the aspects of mind, body and spirit.

What is Access Consciousness?

When I came across Access Consciousness and was introduced to Bars, I resonated with its philosophies. Access Consciousness believes in empowering you with pragmatic tools that enable you to change anything in that area of life you consider dysfunctional or where you have given up. Access uses hands-on body processes, as well as hands-off [verbal] processes to help you shift your life.

It teaches us that we are infinite beings with boundless choices and possibilities. Life can be hard when it seems that we have no choice; but it is even harder when we know we have a choice and yet we are not taking that one step to create something more for ourselves. This is where Access Bars works wonders.

What can you expect from a session of Access Bars?

Our head has 32 energy points called ‘The Bars’, which connect to various aspects of our life. When we touch these points gently, old energies stuck in the brain and body are released, which allows easy and tremendous change. This process is known as ‘running your Bars’.

While running these Bars, all our judgements, points of view, beliefs, attitudes, thoughts, feelings, emotions etc. about that particular area in our life are released. This process helps us to effortlessly erase years of stored blockages and limitations in just a few minutes.

There are separate Bars for money, creativity, aging, body, sexuality, power and healing, to name a few. When you touch these Bars, you not only release unwanted thoughts, but also open up opportunities for change in your life.

After running these Bars, some people may experience a certain awareness of the energy being run, but rest assured that this feeling will dissipate of its own accord, over a period of time.

Can you run your own Bars?

Yes, we can run our own bars; however, having someone else do it for us would be much more effective. This process can be learnt in a single day’s class. After you have learned how to run your Bars, you can team up with another person who has learnt it and swap sessions. When you give a Bars session to someone else, every thought you have that is the same as theirs, gets cleared at the same time. So when you give a session, you get a session too! You can never go wrong with the Bars. The only known side effect of Bars is—happiness.

But this sounds similar to EFT

Many times I have been asked if Access Bars is similar to Emotional Freedom Technique [EFT] or Kinesiology. Well, EFT is about unlocking emotions and traumas from the body by tapping specific energy points, which is also similar to acupuncture. It is a treatment you can perform on yourself to heal your body. Running your Bars and using access tools will accomplish all that EFT sets out to do, and much more.

Access Consciousness has also taught me an amazing concept of ‘receiving’ and reiterates its importance. Life is not only about giving and doing, it is also about receiving and being. Access helps you to get you out of judgements and gives you a totally different perspective on life.

My experiences with Access Consciousness

A lot of people complain about the things that others do to them and wonder why they are always being targeted. When we are not empowered, we end up blaming our situation, our family and everything else around us for our present circumstances. This is simply a defensive response, so that we are safe in our mind, creating pseudo notions of ‘it’s not me’, ‘someone else did it’ and ‘I am just a victim of my situations’.

When I started implementing Access Bars on my clients, my sessions were faster, more effective and better, and my clients went back not just aware of the mess they’d created, but believing that they have an option of undoing it. So in turn they believed that they could create a better reality for themselves.

There are no age restrictions and Access Consciousness can also be taught to kids.

When I facilitate a Bars Class or any other Access class, I enjoy sowing the seeds of awareness in my participants. Through these sessions I strive to enable them to be better individuals by helping them release all the limitations and finiteness that they were operating with.

The 10 commandments of Access Consciousness

  1. Would an infinite being truly choose this?
  2. Interesting point of view
  3. 10 second increments
  4. Live in the question
  5. No form, no structure, no significance
  6. No judgement, no discrimination, no discernment
  7. No drugs of any kind
  8. No competition
  9. Do not listen, tell or buy the story
  10. No exclusion.

This was first published in the December 2014 issue of Complete Wellbeing.


  1. Ashish,

    While I just bumped into the whole Access Conscious concepts, and so I thought ok looks great, let me get a session from the experts. It is so sad, frustrating and with so much anger I write this, I met 3 of them, and all of them are just amateurs, who probably just learnt this and probably holding a certificate too as any body can just attend the session and get a certificate. But does that make them or give them the capacity to heal others, my answer is NO and truly enough they dont give a shit about healing you, their eye is on your wallet on how much they can make. How sick these people are ?
    This whole modality stuff has become a joke because of these unscrupulous *******.

    I am in a very critical state (yeah that sounds awfully negative) and I was looking for help and this is what we get (now i will not blame it on my negative thoughts or anything) I will only blame these b**** and b****s. I know by now you would have already concluded, oh looks like this guy has a lot to clear the way I wrote this whole email, well I just want you to write a blog and bring more awareness to people especially those who are in their critical stages of life and cant spend or afford enough money, being looted by these monsters mercilessly.

    Let me know if there are actually any genuine experts in this field in India with sound experience and testimonials. Lolzzz… even testimonials have become a big bloody joke, you want video testimonials, emails, chats every freaking thing is fabricated.

    How do we know who are the genuine people ?

    Please do publish my comments. People need to be aware and before taking any sessions whether it is eft or access consc or any form of modality they first need to check the authenticity of these guys. Please write an article on this one and also let us know how to know these guys for sure.

    Awaiting your response.


    • Gk,

      It helps when individuals are open minded to the idea, and are willing to let things go. If you came into this treatment with negative thoughts and less optimism that it will work, chances are you probably won’t have a positive outcome after the treatment. It’s like people who have drug addictions. If you aren’t willing to put the work into quit, chances are you will most likely continue to do drugs. It’s really not a bloody joke, and I feel very sorry for you. Next time do some more research on the “experts” you go visit. The lady I went to was phenomenal… not too sure who you’re seeing? My life changed forever after 1 session, I’m sorry this didn’t have the same affect for you. Clearly, you’re an exception to the rule… you need MORE help than the ones in the general population.



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