Tips for Taking CBD on your Summer Travels

Woman outdoors with a medicine dropper in handWhile the threat COVID continues to loom, the legions of fully vaccinated are beginning to venture out of their homes, out of their cities and across the seas to exciting vacation destinations. Yet, after more than a year at home, many have adopted a handful of new practices for their health and wellbeing — such as taking CBD to alleviate stress and pain.

Is it legal to travel with CBD? What is the best way to take CBD on vacation? If you have questions like these, read on to learn about how to continue dosing with CBD on your much-needed trip.

Domestic Travel

In the United States, the DEA classifies controlled substances based on their potential for dependency as well as their acceptable medical use. For decades, cannabis has been a Schedule I drug, meaning the DEA considers it to have a high potential for abuse and no known medical applications — a classification that is clearly well out of date. Yet, in 2018, with the passing of the Farm Bill, the U.S. federally legalized hemp-derived CBD, meaning it is legal to use this compound everywhere in the country as long as it comes from a cannabis plant that produces 0.3 percent THC or less.

Therefore, when you are traveling domestically around the U.S., you need to know about the CBD you are carrying — where the CBD was sourced, how much THC was in the plant initially and how much THC is in the final product. If you are certain that your CBD comes from hemp and has never contained more than 0.3 percent CBD, you are safe to bring your CBD anywhere in the U.S. and even on planes. You might still be subject to some laws regarding CBD consumption — like that you cannot vape CBD in certain spaces — but you should have access to the CBD you need.

International Travel

Cannabis has been a controversial substance for centuries — not just in the U.S. but around the world. The first documented case of cannabis prohibition was way back in 1378, when an Emir in Arabia outlawed the drug’s use in his jurisdiction. In the 20th century, most developed nations and many developing countries enacted strict cannabis bans not unlike what happened in the United States. However, unlike the weed renaissance currently happening in the U.S., most other nations are continuing to keep cannabis bans in place, to include rules against possessing or using CBD.

Essentially, you will need to check the laws of your destination to be certain that your CBD will be acceptable there. The last thing you want to do is start your vacation with a lengthy fight with a customs agent in a foreign country over simple CBD. While you are in research mode, you might also check the rules for your airline, which might also prohibit CBD possession or use.

Types of CBD for Travel

Once you are certain that you can take CBD on vacation, you should start to think about what CBD products will suit your travel needs best. Generally, you don’t want to bring along any product that is particularly bulky, like large containers of edibles, because it will take away valuable souvenir space in your carry-on luggage. The same goes for CBD products that can be fussy, like vaporizers, because you don’t want to devote any of your precious vacation time to stressing about your CBD.

Instead, you should opt for a method that is simple and straightforward, and ideally one that is a bit discreet, as well. Oils and tinctures can fit the bill, but if you are flying, you must be able to limit your CBD liquid to three-ounce containers to meet TSA guidelines. CBD capsules are much more convenient for most users, as they contain high doses of CBD and look like any other encapsulated supplement or medication. You might also consider smaller edibles, like gummies, or transdermal patches.

While traveling, you should be careful to keep your CBD products at room temperature or slightly cooler, to prevent any degradation of CBD and other cannabinoids. You might sock your CBD in a special compartment of your carry-on, so you know where it is throughout your travels.

With so many people venturing out for the first time in months — even years — there are bound to be fellow travelers with the same CBD questions as you. As long as you are careful to abide local CBD laws, you should be able to enjoy your cannabis compound of choice while benefiting from a much-needed vacation.