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Shampooing tips for me?

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Q: I am a 36-year-old male, living in urban India and am confused about how to take care of my hair. Please tell me how many times should I use shampoo, how much force should be used in scrubbing the hair, while shampooing as well as drying, and should I use a conditioner?

A: It is absolutely true that there is no harm in frequently shampooing the hair. In fact, if there is ample oil in the hair, it is always better to shampoo the hair twice. But while shampooing, the hair should not be rubbed vigorously and too much friction should not be applied. If hair is rubbed too much, the oil glands on the scalp would be stimulated and would result in increased oiliness on the scalp and in turn the hair would appear limp and lifeless. Due to increase in friction, there will be static charges produced in the hair that will cause increased breakage of the hair.

About the use of conditioner, it is a thumb rule that whatever the type of hair and how much ever times you wash them, every shampoo has to be followed by a conditioner.

Some important points to remember for hair care:

  • Never use a shampoo which is combined with a conditioner. Use them separately as they are meant to serve different purposes.
  • Shampoo should be used on the roots, warm water can be used, should not be left on the scalp for a longer time. Shampoo actually opens the cuticles and cleanses the hair.
  • On the other hand, conditioner is never used on the roots, only on the shaft of the hair. Preferably avoid using warm water for conditioning. Conditioner will close and lay down the cuticles that were opened by the shampoo. For best results, leave the conditioner on for a few minutes prior to rinsing. Conditioner mainly gives that shine, lustre and softness to your crowning glory.

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Apratim Goel
Dr Apratim Goel in the CEO and Medical Director of a chain of laser and cosmetic clinics called Cutis Skin Studio, Mumbai. An extremely passionate aesthetician and board certified dermatologist, she is an author and a voracious reader.