Chemical-free wipes,turmeric face-wash, running shoes and more…

New wellbeing products launched in October 2014

allClean-250x185AllClean Chemical-free wipes for spectacles and mobile screens

This super-soft and handy cleaning wipe is specifically engineered to remove dust, smudges, oil marks, and fingerprints from spectacles, camera lenses, TV screens and touch screen surfaces. In just a few gentle swipes, your lenses and screens regain their crystal clear quality—without the risk of scratches. This chemical-free wipe can be washed and used for as long as you desire. When in water, it absorbs eight times its weight and dries in half the time taken by standard towels. You can now save a significant amount, which you would have otherwise spent on paper towels and costly cleaners. AllClean wipes are available in five exciting colours at leading mobile stores and optical shops across India. You can also order them online by visiting
Price: INR 105

Everyuth Naturals Advanced Tulsi Turmeric face-wash sachet

After launching the Everyuth Naturals Advanced Tulsi Turmeric face wash, Zydus Wellness has launched the same face wash packaged in a travel-friendly sachet. Infused with unique Nano actives and the goodness of natural herbs like tulsi and turmeric this product is suitable for all skin types. It is ideal to carry to work and can be easily slipped into your travel pouch.

nike-250x122NIKE Air Zoom Elite 7

Nike has introduced its latest addition to the Air Zoom Elite series—the lightest in the speedy Zoom Air running shoes’ seven-year history. These shoes feature the Zoom Air in the forefoot, which provides responsive cushioning for running at faster speeds especially when you are most likely to strike with your forefoot. It sports a more streamlined design with a reduced eight-millimetre heel-to-toe offset, which will bring you closer to the ground, enabling you have a more natural foot-strike. A perfect pick for a morning run or a marathon!
Price: On request

juicifix-225x225Healthy, home-made juices by Juicifix

Juicifix is not just a juice, but a tasty way to lead a healthy, energetic and more fruitful life. Each ‘fix’ is loaded with a concoction of carefully sourced ingredients that serves to detoxify and cleanse your body and provides it with the necessary vitamins, minerals and good calories. Special attention is given to the cleaning of the fruits and vegetables and the sterilising of the bottles so that you can be assured of hygienic juice.
Price: On request

pink-guppy-200x209Pink Guppy—fun soaps for kids by Eudora

Make bathing time fun for your kids with Pink Guppy soaps. Designed especially for kids [two years and above], these soaps will trigger the imagination of your child with their unique shapes and fragrances, inspiring them to bathe more often. These soaps are incredibly mild and contain coconut oil, olive oil and shea butter, which will make your child’s skin smooth and supple.
Price: INR 82

bags-250x164Messenger bags by Tagger

These Dutch-designed messenger bags can be fully customised and interchanged to suit your style and choice. Inspired by street art and culture, these bags enable you to click, stick and zip the parts within seconds. The bags feature a super-strong, weatherproof truck tarpaulin, ensuring long-lasting durability.
Price: INR 4999

wonderchef-210x251Wonderchef slow juicer

Today, people find it necessary to stay fit and healthy and are therefore adding juices to their diet. Keeping this in mind, Wonderchef has launched a juicer which will give you all the nutrition naturally extracted from fruits and vegetables. This juicer features a unique slow squeezing mechanism, which helps to retain enzymes, vitamins and minerals, throwing out the matter that is indigestible without generating any heat. It is easy to assemble, clean and maintain and extracts far more juice than normal juicers.
Price: INR 18,990