Natural Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction

Depressed man concept for erectile dusfunctionErectile dysfunction (ED) occurs when there is limited blood flow to the penis. It is a disorder in which a man, regardless of age, is unable to obtain or sustain an erection during sexual activity. Sexual appetite or libido can also be diminished. Although these types of issues are known to affect most men occasionally, if your condition lasts longer than several weeks or months, your doctor will most likely diagnose you with ED. It is a common condition, and specific treatments may prevent it from evolving into a long-term problem.

Causes of the Condition

Sexual arousal occurs after a complex interaction between your nervous system, hormones, body, emotions, and muscles. Either psychological or physical factors can cause erectile dysfunction. Physical causes include underlying health conditions or blood circulation issues. Making dietary changes, exercising regularly, and stopping to smoke, if applicable, will boost circulation. Any other underlying medical conditions should also be treated. In some cases, a physician may prescribe ED medication such as Viagra (sildenafil).

Psychological factors include relationship or work stress or emotional factors such as trauma, anxiety, or depression. Relationship counseling or mental wellness treatment methods may help minimize erectile dysfunction occurrence.

Tips to Help Curb Erectile Dysfunction

Remedies to cure erectile dysfunction include OTC (over-the-counter) medications, and natural or alternative treatment methods, which are often equally effective. Research indicates that ED can be reversed without the use of drugs. Here are some non-invasive remedies.

Healthy Diet

A balanced diet helps keep your body weight healthy. Men with a 42-inch-waistline are 50% more likely than men with a 32-inch-waistline to suffer from erectile dysfunction. The incidence of ED is reduced by consuming a diet full of vegetables, fruit, fish, whole grains, and fewer portions of red meat and processed grain. Notably, obesity also raises the risk for diabetes and vascular disease, two contributing factors for ED.


Meditation is an efficient stress relief method, which directly affects the sustenance of an erection. During meditation, one is able to clear their mind and relieve themselves of stress. If practiced frequently, it becomes a reliable erectile dysfunction treatment.


Along with mixed findings, plenty of people have promising outcomes in the treatment of ED due to acupuncture. Studies show that acupuncture in 39% of patients increased their erections rate and re-established sexual activity. Later research showed improved erections in 21% of erectile dysfunction patients who used acupuncture as a treatment method.


According to Zachary Mucher, MD, a urologist, exercising has the most significant impact as an ED treatment method. Regular exercise not only reverses erectile dysfunction but also combats its development, ensuring it does not become a long-term problem.

Exercise increases the supply of blood which is essential for a good erection. It also improves blood pressure by increasing the blood vessel’s nitric oxide. Activities that involve bearing weights can boost testosterone production naturally, which is essential for sexual desire and erectile strength.

Drinking Red Ginseng

Sometimes referred to as the herbal Viagra, red ginseng (Panax ginseng) has numerous studies supporting its efficacy. Suggested evidence of red ginseng in treating ED was derived from dosages ranging between 600-1000mg taken thrice daily. For those with metabolic syndrome and elevated lipids in their blood, the activity of Panax ginseng tends to be most beneficial. This herb has an anti-inflammatory effect, improves lung function, and improves blood flow in other diseases—all of which can reduce erectile dysfunction.

Reducing Alcohol Intake

Excessive alcohol consumption has been proven to affect sexual performance and increases the possibility of ED. Reducing your intake and consuming a healthy diet will help prevent the condition from becoming a long-term issue.

Quitting Smoking (If Applicable)

Smoking alters and damages the blood vessels of the body, disrupting the occurrence of erections. Men who smoke, including those as young as twenty, can suffer from ED, and cigarette smoking intensity is strongly associated with the degree of erectile dysfunction. Stopping cigarette smoking will considerably reduce the chance of getting ED.