Is Nursing the Right Career for You?


The healthcare sector covers a wide range of different jobs, including midwifery, physiotherapy, and pediatrics. The caring profession is not for everyone, but if working in the healthcare sector sounds like a path you may be interested in pursuing, nursing is definitely a career you should consider.

Nursing Career Pathways

Most nurses begin their career studying an Online Degree in Public Health. They then have the opportunity to follow this up with an MSN online. RN to MSN programs or ADN to NP programs at The University of Arizona are suited to those who wish to improve their patient care and leadership skills.

Online Degree in Public Health

Nursing is not for everyone. To be a good nurse you need to have an abundance of empathy and compassion. You also need to have a scientific mind, as nurses are often tasked with preparing medications and dealing with high-tech equipment.

Nurses need a wide set of varied skills to do their job well. As a nurse, you will have to take care of sick patients, deal with their physical and mental problems, promote good healthcare and work with other healthcare professionals.

Different Nursing Roles

During your training, you will spend the early part of your training in the classroom, learning the theory and gaining the basic skills required to be a nurse. Once you have these skills, you will continue your studies in the workplace, where you will receive training on the job, under the supervision of more senior nursing staff.

Once you have qualified as a nurse, you are free to practice in whatever area you choose, although some areas of nursing require further specialized training, for example midwifery and pediatric nursing.

Some nurses work within hospitals, others practice in the community. The area you work in will depend on the type of nursing pathway you take.

Essential Skills Required

To be a nurse, you have to be good at listening. Listening is an essential skill for anyone working in the healthcare sector. Patients are not always good at verbalizing what is wrong with them, so it is important that you give the person your full attention and take notice of non-verbal clues as well as what they are telling you.

You have to be good at managing your time when you are a nurse. Nursing can be a pressurized job and you may find many competing demands on your time, it is essential that you can prioritize tasks.

If you are uncertain of whether nursing is for you, talk to someone in the nursing profession to find out more about what the job entails. It is also worth applying for a voluntary position. Most hospitals have openings for volunteer healthcare workers, who do many of the non-skilled tasks related to patient care. This will give you a useful oversight of the type of work you would be expected to do if you qualified as a nurse. If you decide nursing is not for you, at least you haven’t wasted any study time or tuition fees.