Human growth hormone therapy for women

Sad depressed woman sitting outdoors / menopauseIn today’s world, women have to balance their career, family life and also fulfill other demands that are expected from them. This can take a toll on their health and wellbeing. When women are nearing menopause, it’s a double whammy for them. Their responsibilities increase and their bodies need their attention too. Human growth hormone therapy can help women going through the troubling symptoms of menopause.

The main aim of HGH therapy is to help women live their life without getting side tracked by their health issues.

The benefits of HGH

Women are more likely to seek help from a doctor, than men, if they have a health issue. Here’s all you need to know about HGH for women:

  • Every woman wants to look and feel like a younger version of themselves. This therapy will fulfill that wish providing them with thick luxurious hair, strong nails and smooth and firm skin.
  • Growth hormone deficiency can lead to a blurry memory and reduced focus and concentration. HGH injections can strengthen cognitive functions and improve mental power.
  • HGH therapy provides relief to any previous joint pains as well as improves muscle mass and bone density.
  • At the time of menopause, weight gain is a common occurrence. HGH injections can help in regulating metabolism and thereby make weight loss easier.
  • Another issue during menopause is vaginal dryness, which leads to disinterest in sex. This can put a strain on a relationship and can affect a woman’s self-esteem. HGH injections can help improve vaginal dryness. In the past, doctor’s recommended estrogen therapy to conquer these symptoms. However, due to the side effects of estrogen therapy, HGH therapy has become more favorable.


Doctor’s prescribe the dosage based on factors like the level of deficiency in the body, height, weight, gender, blood pressure, past and present medical conditions, current symptoms and the overall goal of the treatment. All these factors determine the best possible treatment plan for each woman.

Is it safe?

There are three main issues to consider with HGH injections:

  1. Issues may arise if a woman decides to buy a human growth hormone pill without consulting a doctor. Always consult your doctor before going ahead.
  2. Another side effect is when the dosage given is too high. In a case like this usually lowering the dosage will reverse any side-effects that have occurred.
  3. Lastly, unwanted side-effects could occur in the case of underlying medical conditions like cancer. In a case like this HGH therapy is not advised until a person has completed their treatment for any previous health condition.

Human growth hormone injections are advised by many medical professionals and the negative effects of HGH therapy are usually rare because doctors pay close attention to every detail when prescribing the best dosage possible for each individual. As long as the medication has been prescribed by a knowledgeable doctor you are in good hands and  the therapy will be effective and safe.

In the end, who wouldn’t want to feel like they are in their youthful twenties again? This therapy provides woman with a desired outcome, which is a dream come true.