How to Keep a Healthy Lifestyle After Essential Tremor Diagnosis

Essential tremorWhat do you do after you find out that you have essential tremor? Living with this condition, also known as familial and idiopathic tremor, is not going to be easy. However, it should not lead to a life of agony and depression. There are ways to deal with the condition that can help you maintain your quality of life. The causes of essential tremor are not controllable since in half of the cases, they are genetic. What you can do is to cope with the condition and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Eat healthily

Idiopathic tremor is not preventable or curable. However, certain types of food can worsen the symptoms. As such, you should be mindful of what you eat. Avoid drinking too much coffee, tea, and other beverages that contain caffeine. The substance is known to aggravate the shaking. How much is too much? You should be able to have a sense of it based on the amount you consume.

Sodas and chocolate are likewise generally not advised to be part of your diet. Taking little to moderate amounts may not result in any problems, but it would be better to avoid them altogether if you can.

Relax and destress

Stress, anxiety, and extreme emotions can potentially create adverse consequences for people suffering from essential tremor. Be sure to avoid stressful situations and find ways to calm yourself. Consider meditation and other activities that allow you to isolate yourself from circumstances that may irritate you. Enjoy life by doing things that please you.

Avoid people and situations that may trigger your anxiousness. You may have to make slight adjustments in the way you do things. For example, drink your water with the glass half-filled to minimize spillage, or use a straw. There are special  weights that you can use to help reduce the shaking, so you don’t become too frustrated when you fail to grasp things steadily. Avoid uncomfortable or awkward positions, especially when napping or watching TV.

Additionally, get enough regular sleep and rest. Disrupted circadian rhythms often affect your biochemical composition and interactions, which can worsen the trembling. Avoid fatigue and putting too much attention on things that drain you.

Have a positive outlook

Being diagnosed with essential tremor can be a difficult experience. It’s the way you respond to it that may be unhealthy. You can live a normal life with it by adopting an optimistic mindset and resolving to adapt your lifestyle to the condition. When it impacts your quality of life, you may consider various treatment options available.

It may not be painful, but it can become painfully frustrating, especially after initial diagnosis. Don’t let it rule your life; the symptoms can be mitigated by living a healthy lifestyle and seeking medical advice from your doctor. Eat well, get enough rest, and adopt a positive view of your present and future.