Covid Safety Tips for Rideshare Drivers and Riders

Rideshare App — covid safety tipsThese are difficult times to navigate for people in the ridesharing industry. Safety was already a concern before the pandemic, and it has only made things more difficult for them. Those using ridesharing services may also be apprehensive, and it’s perfectly understandable. The issue is that there is a lot of misinformation floating about the coronavirus and what needs to be done in different situations for protection. Let’s take a look at a few safety tips for rideshare drivers and riders.

Tips for Drivers

Drivers have to be especially careful when interacting with clients. They have to enforce mask rules and make sure that the person shows signs of compliance before they get in the car. Do not unlock the door unless they are already wearing a mask, and if they show any signs of resistance, decline them.

Also, know that it’s very possible that some of them forgot to bring a mask or couldn’t get their hands on one for some reason. In this case, you have to be able to provide face masks. Surgical masks will be fine, though you might want to invest in N-95s or masks that can provide the same level of protection for you.

You also might have to take extra measures to keep yourself safe. While certain rideshare companies are starting to introduce things like sneeze guards, they are still not the norm with most of them, so you might have to invest a little money on custom safety partitions for rideshares. This is a small price to pay for the security of you, your riders, and the people who are close to you.

Tips for Riders

One of the most important things is limiting contact as much as possible with drivers. Get in the back immediately and follow any instructions they may have. Make sure that you use sanitizer if they offer it to you and make sure to bring your own in case they don’t have any.

If you take rideshares often, we would also suggest that you invest in N-95 masks. These are the only ones that will protect you from inhaling virus particles. Surgical masks are there to protect others and aren’t as efficient in close quarters. You have to make sure to keep the mask on at all times without exception.

General Tips and Guidelines for Drivers and Riders

One of the best things that both drivers and riders can do to protect themselves from infection is to open the windows as wide as possible the minute they get inside. This will ensure that the air in the car is constantly being replaced which will drop the chances of infections significantly. It’s also your responsibility to report a driver or rider who was belligerent or didn’t follow safety precautions.

These are all things rideshare drivers and riders can do to reduce infections. Make sure to follow these to the letter and be vigilant at all times. If we all do our part, we can help reduce the spread.