Understanding mind-body relationship

Even if you have a fit body, mental afflictions will make the body sick. Hence mental peace is critical to overall wellbeing

YogaThe mind speaks through the body. Symptoms are the way a body expresses itself. A symptom could be a pain, or some dysfunction somewhere in the body. It could just be an uncomfortable feeling in a particular situation. Disease is nothing more than being away from ease (dis-ease) at any level, mental, emotional or physical. Mind also expresses itself in health where there is feeling of easiness and sense of being comfortable with self.

We hear comments like the following very often.

  • My boss is a pain in my neck.
  • The insensitive attitude of people is getting on my nerves.
  • Being the head of the family is a burden on my shoulders.
  • The monthly board meetings drain me out completely.
  • I am sick and tired of my problems.
  • My child’s exams make me very anxious and sick.

The above-mentioned statements describe emotional states. Thoughts trigger emotions, which cause a physical reaction in certain area/s of the body. There is constant stimulation of body parts through our thoughts and emotions. Whenever emotional trauma is present, a corresponding physical reaction will take place. This is the basis of the theory of body syndromes. An emotional trauma can trigger an acute ailment or continue for a long time to become chronic disease. These physical reactions, called body syndromes, reflect the cause of the emotional problems.

Depending upon the areas affected, there are five major body syndromes. Each has its physiological and psychological symptoms.

Crying Syndrome

Headaches, migraines, sinus congestion, throat infections, tonsillitis, thyroid problems, neck muscle sprains, grinding teeth, difficult breathing are covered by the Crying syndrome. It involves the area of the body from the solar plexus upward, covering the chest, head and back of the neck. The cause of the crying syndrome is inability to express emotions or the inability to make a decision [as it is based on someone else’s action or due to past conditioning].

Responsibility Syndrome

The shoulders, the upper back and the upper spinal area are affected by problems related to responsibility called the Responsibility syndrome. There can be either too much responsibility, fear of the burden of responsibility, neglecting or not accepting or not facing responsibility. This may manifest as spasms of the back and shoulder muscles. Physical damage may occur to the back in some cases when excessive or rapid movement or lifting is attempted when these tensions are present.

Guilt Syndrome

Abdominal cramps, constipation, acidity, excessive menstrual cramps or bleeding [or no bleeding at all], vaginal or bladder infections, prostate or testicle pressure and pain and kidney problems, can be caused as a result of sexual frustration. This is called the Sexual Frustration or Guilt syndrome and affects the abdomen, groin and lower back. Feelings of sexual inadequacy, guilt about infidelity, sexual guilt linked to religion, and past conditioning can trigger this syndrome.

Reaching Syndrome

Many of us suffer from psychological symptoms involving the inability to achieve something we desire, because of a lack of feelings of self worth, or a feeling of deep rejection as a result of trying to achieve unattainable goals. In such instances, the upper extremities, i.e. arms, hands and fingers, get affected by the Fight or Reaching syndrome. It may present as writers cramps, pain in finger/ wrist joints, warts or blisters on the hands or fingers, extremely hot or cold hands. This can result in arthritis of joints of the hands.

Flight Syndrome

Being in an unacceptable situation and yet being unable to move out of the situation may lead to Flight syndrome, which affects area from the thighs to the feet. It indicates a need, but inability to run or escape (emotionally or physically) from a particular situation or involvement. The psychological causes are: a fear of facing certain situations [because they may be painful], boredom, fear of disaster, and fear of success. This is clearly demonstrated in persons needing to stand for a long time, like policemen, security guards and even housewives. The symptoms manifested are varicose veins, weakness and/or pain in legs, blisters between the toes.


The syndromes provide us with a holistic standpoint of mind-body connection or thought-emotion-body/ behaviour axis, thus making it easy to understand and heal diseases completely.

Meditation and breathing techniques [pranayams] are a great aid in healing these syndromes. Exercises, especially yoga and tai-chi, on a long-term basis helps release energy blocks created by this emotional imbalances, and thus rectify the health issues.

Homoeopathy, as a therapeutic science, has the greatest efficacy in dealing with the syndromes, as the prescription is based on the mind-body connection and cures diseases at all levels.

In some cases, hypnotherapy and past-life regression therapy [which deals with the subconscious mind, where the source or root cause of the problem exists], helps to alleviate diseases on all the levels of thought-emotion-body axis, bringing about long-term cures.

Rajiv Naidu
Dr Rajiv Naidu is a homoeopathic consultant from Mumbai. A qualified clinical hypnotherapist, past-life therapist and engery-healer, he uses an integrated, holistic approach in his practice.


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