Osho’s Gibberish Meditation: Meaningful Blabber

Gibberish meditation is a safe, liberating and hilarious way to get the toxins out of your mind

Gibberish Meditation concept

The word gibberish comes from a Sufi mystic, whose name was Jabbar, and that was his only meditation. Whoever would come to him, he would say, “Sit down and start,” and people knew what he meant. He never talked, he never gave any discourses; he simply taught people gibberish.

For example, once in a while he would give people a demonstration. For half an hour he would talk all kinds of nonsense in nobody knows what language. It was not a language; he would go on teaching people just whatever came to his mind. That was his only teaching––and to those who had understood it he would simply say, “Sit down and start.”

But Jabbar helped many people to become utterly silent. How long can you go on?—The mind becomes empty. Slowly, slowly a deep nothingness… and in that nothingness a flame of awareness. It is always present, surrounded by your gibberish. The gibberish has to be taken out; that is your poison.

Gibberish Meditation using the body

The same is true about the body. Your body has tensions. Just start making any movements that the body wants to make. You should not manipulate it. If it wants to dance, it wants to jog, it wants to run, it wants to roll down on the ground, you should not do it, you should simply allow it. Tell the body, “You are free, do whatever you want” — and you will be surprised.” My God! All these things the body wanted to do but I was holding back, and that was the tension.

So there are two kinds of tension, the body tensions and the mind tensions. Both have to be released before you can start relaxation, which will bring you to awareness.

Gibberish Meditation with words

A meditator says: I have so many problems with my mind in every meditation. I can’t stop it!

I understand. Start doing one thing: every day, for one hour in the morning and one hour in the afternoon, sit and say whatsoever comes in the mind, loudly, so that not only do you think it, you hear it. Whatsoever it is—if nonsense comes, let it: you are not to edit it and you are not to make it beautiful because it is not meant to be a performance; it has to be that which is inside. If a few words come—and they will—allow it. If the sentence is not even complete and the words stop, let it be; don’t complete it. Then if something else comes, say that. But whatsoever comes, just watch it, articulate it, say it… whatsoever it is!

You have that garbage in the mind, it has to be thrown. Because you don’t throw it, it goes on revolving inside. Nothing is a problem; you are creating a problem.

People go on keeping that garbage, they don’t throw it. It is as if you are accumulating garbage in your house and you don’t throw it outside so it stinks and when it becomes too much you are disturbed. Wherever you move it is always there and everywhere you come across it. It has to be thrown!

Here is what Osho had to say about Gibberish Meditation to another meditator who had started experiencing tension in her throat:

It simply means that you have not said things that you always wanted to say, that you have been repressing your thoughts, your expressions, that you have not been true, that you have been polite, sophisticated and unnatural.

It will help if you start gibberish meditation, do it for 20 minutes. And after gibberish meditation, just lie down on the floor as if you are lying with stretched hands on your mother’s breast, facing the earth; lie down and relax. You will suddenly feel a great energy movement in the throat.

Many people are suffering from this same issue, because very few people gather courage to say what they want to say—it is so risky. And women particularly suffer very much because they have been taught to say this and not to say that, and always to be in a particular way. They have been taught to remain angels, so the real animal inside feels very suffocated. Give it a chance and the throat will relax. If the throat relaxes you will find many things changing in you.

Once the energy moves from the throat it reaches to the third eye centre and that is the place where it should reach. And when it reaches to there, great experiences of light and jubilation and visions arrive. And beyond the third there is only one more centre; this is the fifth centre. In a way this is good, because there are many people who are hanging around the first centre. Their whole life is moving around the sex centre and nowhere else; for 24 hours they are thinking of sex and nothing else.

It is good that the energy is in the throat, but if it doesn’t move up, it can start moving down; it becomes a short-circuit.

Purging the mind

The mind creates certain garbage just as the body does—it is part of life. You eat something: a part of it is digested—becomes your blood, your bones, your flesh, your marrow—but 90 per cent of it is just rubbish that has to be thrown out. If you don’t throw, it you will accumulate it in your stomach and then you will be creating poison for your body. That’s what happens when somebody is too constipated, he starts creating toxins in the body; then the poison will circulate in the blood. The same food that was going to be nourishment will become a deathly poison. So one has to go on throwing it out.

The mind functions in exactly the same way on a subtle plane. You read a book, you listen to people, you are in the market, you watch a movie, you listen to the radio, you read the newspaper, you hear somebody talk, you hear me talk, and all this is going in. Part of it will be digested—a very small part of it is worth digesting; the remaining—what will you do with it? It will go on revolving.

That’s why you know that the content is not important. When somebody is constipated it is not that he is holding gold in his stomach, it is just rubbish, excreta. And that’s what goes on moving in the mind: excreta.

One has to understand the process: just as you cleanse your body, you cleanse your intestines. Just as everyday you throw the excreta out of the body and that keeps you healthy, in the same way the mind needs to be cleansed every day. So this will help you—one hour in the morning, one hour in the afternoon.

First many thoughts will come. After a few days you will see thoughts are not coming but only fragmentary words… not even thoughts but just words. Then by and by you will start feeling that even words are no more coming but sounds—gibberish. When gibberish starts coming, then you have touched the right level. Now thoughts are not coming, words are not coming, gibberish is coming. That means that much is cleaned and then meditation will be easy.

Excerpted The Madman’s guide to enlightenment and Far Beyond the Stars. Courtesy: Osho International Foundation

Gibberish Meditation: The language of the new

Language if used unconsciously, which is what happens more often than not, creates problems and misunderstanding. Have you noticed, 99 per cent of our problems are created because of our words? Often we say things we don’t mean and later we have to clarify or apologise. It depends where the words are coming from. If they are coming from emotions they carry a lot of charge which hurts others. If they come from the intellect they trigger an argument.

NLP psychologists have found that 98 per cent of human communication is non verbal and only two per cent is verbal. In that case wouldn’t it be good if we use a language that will express ourselves and not create fire wherever it reaches?

Gibberish is such a language. When the Sufi mystic, Jabbar spoke he did so fast that his words would run over each other. It was impossible to make any sense out of what he said because there were no full stops, commas, no indication of where the sentence began and where it ended. It was such an outburst of energy that the listeners found it mind blowing. This is exactly what he intended: to bring the mind to a stand still. It gave a taste of silence and relaxation to the listener.

Gibberish is immensely cathartic and a relaxing way of venting out tensions, or releasing bottled up emotions without hurting anybody. Because people will not understand what you are trying to say. It is actually speaking in the language you don’t know. The modern man is bombarded with much information from the electronic gadgets and media. This unprocessed information creates stress and he feels bogged down by it. This leads to many illnesses like migraine, headache, and other psychosomatic diseases. The mind needs ventilation so that it can remain sane. Gibberish fulfils this need.

Usually when two people are angry with each other they start hurling abuses and poisonous words at each other, or they suppress it and torture themselves. There is no need to go the conventional fight or flight way, express your thoughts in gibberish instead. Make meaningless sounds, tell the other person what you think about him/her without words. Use your body and face. Chirp like birds or small kids who cannot speak yet. It is so hilarious, and liberating. It cleanses the toxins in the body, relaxes strained nerves, activates the positive energy.

I wish more and more people use gibberish as a means of communication. It will decrease our dependence on words and fill our lives with joy.

By Amrit Sadhana

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