The importance of making the workplace a healthy environment

The workplace is an environment in which people spend the majority of their day, therefore it only makes sense for it be a healthy and enjoyable space. Having a stressful office is not only detrimental to the health of your employees but to the health of your company.

Having a stimulating work environment can do wonders for the levels of productivity in the office and it can even reduce the number of absent or sick days. It will also work to boost team motivation, morale, and satisfaction. There are several ways that you can encourage a healthy environment in the office, here are just a few.

De-clutter and organise

An easy way to start creating a more favorable environment is by improving the office space. Having cluttered surroundings can lead to poor productivity in the workplace. If things are misplaced it will take employees longer to conduct otherwise simple tasks. Furthermore, having a clear desk has been linked to increased levels of productivity.

There are several ways that you can organize your workplace. You could choose to digitalize all of your existing paper files and free up space for other essential office items. Another way to improve the ambiance is by hiding all of the computer and electrical cables. Bring in some plants to help purify the air and make the workplace a more attractive space.

Promote a healthy lifestyle

Promoting a healthy lifestyle at work will show your employees that you truly care about their wellbeing. This can be achieved by not overworking staff and delegating work effectively. Having a good work-life balance will avoid employees from burning out and make them more motivated to come into work. Educate staff on the importance of taking breaks, eating well, and doing regular exercise.

You can promote this lifestyle in the office by offering free fruit and healthy drinks on a Friday, rather than offering snacks like cakes or muffins. Similarly, you can replace cookies and donuts at meetings with more nourishing alternatives. If you have a vending machine in the office, you can replace this with a healthier alternative. There are an array of healthier vending machines for sale that provide nutritious snacks and drinks as opposed to the typical junk food.

You should also promote transparency in the workplace and let your employees know that if they are struggling, they can come to you for help. Stress in the workplace has been linked as the primary cause of mental health issues. Implementing policies to curb the levels of stress, and promoting a good mental health strategy, can help your employees deal with any troubles they may encounter at work.

Conduct Team Building Exercises

Team building is a great way to ensure that everyone in the office is getting along. There is nothing worse than having to manage a team that refuses to collaborate and is constantly bickering. This is why many workplaces have opted for occasional team building exercises. These exercises aim to turn a group of individuals into collaborative peers with strong social bonds. Teaching staff to work together will help them improve existing skills and even allow them to develop new ones, such as leadership.

This management technique takes place in many forms. You could hire someone to organize a day of team building exercises or adversely you could take matters into your own hands. For example, if you live near hiking trails you could organize an excursion for the office. You can also set up a sports teams and start your own soccer or basketball league. This will literally encourage your employees to work together as a team and strive towards a common goal.

Create a breakout room

Having a designated space in the office for employees to relax and unwind is essential if you want to promote a healthy lifestyle. Not only will this show that you are a fun company to work for, but it can also boost productivity levels in the workplace. The largest and most successful companies like Google or Facebook have incredible breakout rooms. Some of these spaces for employees to relax come equipped with gyms, sleeping pods, and even free lunch or snacks.

You can go as small or large with this concept as you please. We’re not saying that you have to install an adult sized jungle gym in the office but you could consider investing in a ping pong table and some bean bags. Not only is this an inexpensive way to bring some fun into the office but it will also make employees feel more active during breaks. This is another great way to encourage team building. You could organize a few ping pong tournaments and get their competitive streak going.

Clear communication

Clear communication is one of the fundamental steps towards creating a healthy work environment. Many things can get lost in translation so make sure you are truly listening to what your employees are saying. You won’t have to take every suggestion on board but getting valuable feedback from the staff will help you make informed and constructive decisions. Make sure you ask questions when certain issues are brought up. This will allow you to better gauge the context and severity of the problem.

An efficient way to get relevant and honest feedback from staff is by conducting anonymous surveys. This way everyone’s opinion can be heard without prejudice. Many people are reluctant to speak up in the workplace for fear of any possible repercussions. However, in order to avoid any major communication crises, it is best to listen to these responses and work towards solving them before they get out of hand. Handle any conflicts that arise with diplomacy and objectivity.

Overall, you should aim to make your office a place in which your employees feel motivated, understood, and productive. This is a space where they will spend days, months and even years of their lives in, so create an environment in which they can flourish.