Amazing Amla [Indian Gooseberry]

Amla is acclaimed for its contribution in digestion, beauty, and many other physiological benefits.

Amla fruits in a glass dishAmla, or Indian gooseberry, is considered as dhatri, or motherly figure. Thanks to its health benefits, amla has also been worshipped in Indian culture since ages.

Ayurveda, which is the oldest health system in the world, appreciates and uses amla to treat a host of diseases and promote positive health.

Amla [Emblica officinalis, or emblic myrobalan], is called amalaki in Sanskrit. It is extensively used as a rejuvenator in ayurveda. It is also used widely in combination with other two [chebulic and belleric] myrobalans [fruit-bearing plant species] as triphala. Amla is, indeed, the key ingredient in the popular ayurvedic recipe, Chyavanaprasha. More than anything, it may be called as “King of Rasayana” [rejuvenation], owing to its multiple health benefits.

Amla in ayurveda

Ayurveda describes amla as a cooling, astringent, digestive, laxative, stomachic, and aphrodisiac medicine. It also has anti-pyretic, anti-inflammatory and diuretic properties. Due to its numerous therapeutic effects on various organs and systems, it has been found to be useful in problems ranging from chest diseases such as cough, asthma, and bronchitis, digestive ailments like dyspepsia, hyperacidity and ulcers and anaemia, jaundice, diabetes, bleeding conditions, eye diseases, allergic and other skin problems to gynaecological problems.

Food and digestion

Amla strengthens absorption and assimilation of food. It improves digestion and stimulates our taste buds to relish food better. It can be used by everyone without fear of gastric irritation, or increased acidity. It can also be used to ease “too much heat”—a popular belief—in the body. It aids in better absorption and assimilation of iron from the gut. It also acts as a laxative in large doses due to its high fibre content.

Amla is best used as an ingredient in our diet regularly. It can be used as an alternative to tamarind, lemon or such other fruits to add flavour to food. It can be used as dry powder, fresh juice; or for dressing, by grating it coarse, or fine. It can also be used to prepare chutneys [paste] to be used as an adjuvant in our meals. It can be preserved for a long time in sugar syrup or as pickle and used regularly.

Amla is one of the best sources of natural vitamin C. It contains 20 times more vitamin C than an orange. Even when it is dried, or baked, it contains tannins, which prevent loss of vitamin C. Vitamin C, an anti-oxidant, fights free radicals, which cause many chronic and grave diseases like arthritis, high blood pressure, heart problems, Alzheimer’s, cancer, and so on. Vitamin C is also required for our body’s natural defences and healing mechanisms.

Look good

Amla boosts absorption of calcium. Thus, it helps in the formation, maintenance, and repair of bones, teeth, nails and hair. It also helps maintain youthful hair colour and retards premature greying. In addition, it supports the strength of the hair follicles. This translates to less thinning of hair with age.

Amla enhances protein synthesis by means of which bodily tissues, especially the muscles, are strengthened and toned up. It is, therefore, very useful to athletes and those who exercise regularly for maintaining muscular health and eliminating toxic products, the result of muscle activity.

Physiological benefits

Amla is useful in reducing LDL [“bad”] cholesterol and thus preventing arterial blockages that may cause heart attack or stroke.

Amla, when consumed in its natural form, as raw fruit or dry powder, can reduce chest congestion and facilitate the removal of sputum from the respiratory tract. It can soothe and heal inflamed airways and thus, is useful in cough, bronchitis, and other problems of the respiratory system.

It is also known to act as a very good brain and nerve tonic. It improves memory, tolerance, and nervous function.

Exposure to chemicals and consumption of chemically-treated food or drinks results in the accumulation of toxins in body tissues. This affects the functioning of the liver. Amla helps in elimination of toxins. It strengthens the liver in the process. Regular use will result in an efficient defence system in the body against harmful substances.

The fresh juice of amla acts as a diuretic; it also normalises acidic urine. It is helpful in burning urination and urinary infections.

It is known that amla is beneficial during chemotherapy and radiotherapy due to its adaptogenic[balancing effect on your body’s systems] and rejuvenating properties.

Amla for common ailments

Dry Cough

Take half tsp amla powder mixed with a little ghee [liquefy the ghee]. Take frequently.


Take wild amla juice, or powder, with cream top of yoghurt, twice a day.

White vaginal discharge [leucorrhoea]

Take 1 gm amla powder with one tsp honey and one tsp crystal sugar mixed together, thrice a day.

Internal bleeding [Rakta Pitta]

Wild amla one gm, with one tsp honey, thrice a day.


Wild amla powder with long pepper [or, black pepper]. One gm amla, with 3-4 pinches of pepper.

Slow and burning urination

Juice of amla, half cup [approx 30 ml], twice a day. This should be supplemented with extra fluid intake and/or liquid diet.


Amla and turmeric, as juice or powder, twice a day, before food; use two tsp each for juice and half tsp each for powder.

Despite its supreme safety and therapeutic value, it is useful to consult an expert in ayurveda or herbal medicine to have a more specific and individualised prescription to suit your amla needs – especially when you have medical, or surgical, concerns.

Add Amla to Your Diet

Fruits are available at local fruit sellers.  It is seasonally available from, October to January in India. You can buy fresh fruits and make a murabba [sugar syrup preparation] with either whole fruits or grated amla. You could also make a pickle that is tangy and spicy. In case you prefer a drink, you can choose Amlana, which is a cool appetizer, or an amla-ginger punch.

Ready-to-eat packaged Amla also is available in a number of stores. Normally these are local brands. Options like dehydrated amla, amla in tablet form, packaged amla juice, amla pickles, amla chutney, amla candy are a good bet for trial.

You could even start off on Triphala or Chyawanprash both of which contain amla as a major ingredient.

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    Prasanna K G, MD [Ayurveda], is advisor in the Ayurvedic Penthouse of The Oriental Bangkok, Thailand.

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77 Responses to Amazing Amla [Indian Gooseberry]

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  2. Where can I get amla fruits and creams in south Africa johannesburg

  3. Manali Parashari

    Hello Prasanna, can you please tell me that how many amla I can eat is one day….




  5. I live in Cape Town. I would like to use Amla juice and powder for my health and hair loss. Please advise me on where in Cape Town I can purchase the products. My daughter in the UK also has major hair loss….pretty please send me advice at your soonest with much appreciation from me.

  6. Hi,
    Can I give amla powder and honey to kids for bronchitis…

  7. Hi, my mom and grand parents advised me to not to eat in night. I dont why. Any reason?

  8. when i am cooking rice i put amla into it.Is it a good way.

  9. I want to know that how to use this raw juice of amala.
    How to extract?

    I want to know how many types of Amla’s are available

    Rajendra Goud. Nidisa

  10. I am 23yrs old. I have severe hair fall problem. hair getting thin and becoming bald count becoming less in forefront of head.i am eating 2 raw amla daily..plz let me know the solution. Is amla effective for this problem?plzz awaiting for your reply

  11. in how much time amla can turn grey hair to black
    plz rply me fst!!!!!

  12. we have 100kg of amala(organic) with me i dont know what to do with them can u tell me where ican make juice n candy from them n preserve them for year in delhi

  13. Shankari Singh


    I just had my baby, she is seven months now and i am feeding her right now. I have heard much about amla, i have a major problem of hair falling and i have also gained 15 kg weight. I am eating two raw amla everyday, just started 3 days before.

    I want to know is it effective to have raw amla to reduce weight, and how much time it will take to reduce weight and also let me know is there any problem for baby as i am feeding her.

    Also let me know if any other better way is there to consume amla to reduce weight quickly.

    I am waiting for your reply desperately.

  14. kindly inform me how to make amla juice and preserve it for at lease one year

  15. You can buy amla powder at any indian spice shop . In cape town you can buy it at datar spice shop hajie ebrahim crescent gatesville it goes for R24.00 a pkt nd should be taken as follows a half teaspoon with a glass of water on an empty stomach first thing in the morning for weight loss good luck

  16. devender singh

    best way to get benefits of amala prepare its juice, pl do not asked for juicer, take 5or 6 piece of whole fresh green amla(available in nov,dec) grade gently from all the sides ,leave the seed behind ,take a small piece of gigenger and grade it, put all the graded stuff in side a fine, thin cloth and sequse in ball add equal quantity of water and take it in the morning do not take any thing else try it will give u wonder full result it is ramban medicine

  17. devender singh

    best way to get benefits of amala prepare its juice, pl do not asked for juicer, take 5or 6 piece of whole amla grade gently from all the sides ,leave the seed behind ,take a small piece of gigenger and grade it, put all the graded stuff in side a fine, thin cloth and sequse in ball add equal quantity of water and take it in the morning do not take any thing else try it will give u wonder full result it is ramban medicine

  18. hey amla is good for health and please tell me amla tips for skin and health

  19. well amla would be beneficial either as juice with anaar or gajar. and the result r not produced instantly.when used with shikakai and mehandi it would benefit to make hair black and strong but shampoos containing chemicals must be avoided for the result to appear in front of u. Amla is available at ur nearest sabzi market use aloe veera too to reap great .

  20. Hi could anyone plz tell me where can I found it the one for hair at the chemist??

  21. res. sirs
    i m 27 n have 70% grey hair. i m worried i m taking amla murabba since a month, early morning[empty stomach] once a day. Is it beneficial?
    plz tell
    waitng for yr reply
    can i get back black hair ?

  22. most of the questions/comments ask if amla can help with weight loss – and NO ONE is answering the question. can the producers just answer the question please!

  23. hey
    i just like 2 know where can i find the amla powder? I’ve been 2 a couple of places and they don’t know what im talking about. And i really need 2 lose some weight.


  24. hi, my daughter hair are greying at a very early age, do u have the amla products in sydney, also pls let me know which one of the amla product is best for her.


  26. Bought amla powder. on the carton it says only for external use is it drinkable.

  27. Hi,
    I want to ask one think. I took dry amla and soak overnight than next morning I took this drink, is it right for weight loss.

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