Top 3 Uses of VR for Chronic Conditions

blankVirtual reality treatments have become a regular practice in modern medicine as they help treat many physical and psychological conditions. Specifically, they have become popular for treating chronic conditions by using a VR headset instead of prescription drugs. Recently, this modern technology has proven to be quite convenient as it provides patients with engaging virtual treatments without having to leave their homes.

Below we’ll explain more about chronic pain, and some of the uses of VR for treating chronic conditions.

What is chronic pain?

Chronic pain is pain that influences your life negatively and is ongoing. This type of pain usually lasts longer than six months and can continue even after the illness or injury that caused it has healed or gone away. Some people suffer from chronic pain without having a prior injury or illness.

These conditions include arthritis, headaches, back pain, cancer, and many more that affect the body by producing physical conditions and can cause emotional effects. From tense muscles to change in appetite and lack of energy, developing depression, anger, and anxiety. Chronic conditions are a significant challenge, and people who suffer from them need regular treatments, and therapies to deal with them.

Uses of VR to help with chronic conditions

One of the ways of modern medicine that greatly helps to deal with chronic conditions is virtual reality treatments. VR for chronic conditions can help patients deal with the pain engagingly and interactively by using a VR headset. Immersive VR treatments offer a unique set of features and tools that help patients with their physical and mental pain. Here are some of the uses in which VR helps with chronic conditions:


Offering a distraction to patients is one of the best ways to decrease the amount of pain they feel. The thing is, VR draws most of the patient’s attention which makes it impossible for them to focus on anything else. When you don’t pay attention to the pain, it decreases. But, some are questioning this technique since distraction is not a long-term strategy.

To make it more helpful long-term, the patient has to train their brain by using VR so that it creates less pain when you are not using the technology. Train the way your brain thinks, behaves, feels, and pays attention to pain, so it will help you even when you’re not using a virtual reality headset. VR can be also used to host self-management interventions for dealing with chronic pain.

Improve mental health

blankWhen treating chronic conditions with VR technology, it also helps the patient deal with mental issues developed from their ongoing pain. Depression and anxiety are some of the most common mental health issues that patients suffering from chronic conditions deal with. By putting on a VR headset it produces a simulation designed to calm the patient’s mind.

With this technique, patients can achieve monk-level meditative abilities without having to practice for years. Those suffering from chronic pain can benefit from using VR not just for treating their chronic conditions but also to deal with fear, stress, and anxiety from experiencing it daily. Virtual reality will help your brain train and treat any other mental issues you’re coping with.

Reduce physical pain

Not just mental, but also physical pain can be reduced by using VR technology. It works well for relieving pain and rehabilitating patients with severe chronic conditions. VR allows physical therapy to shorten the recovery time by making it easier for patients to do their exercises. It is also convenient since they can do all this from the comfort of their home while still receiving top care.

Using mental stimuli, VR therapy helps reduce the pain. After training your brain to respond differently to pain and pay less attention to it, you’ll experience a reduction in physical pain. Without using medication, VR therapy immerses patients in virtual worlds thus taking their focus off the pain and producing a peaceful environment for them to heal.

Final thoughts

VR technology helps patients reduce or get rid of chronic pain by immersing themselves in three-dimensional, computer-generated environments, or using a real therapist while training your mind to think and feel differently in response to the pain. The healthcare system is being transformed by this extraordinary technique that helps more and more people each day. Combating chronic pain will forever change with the use of VR headset, and patients will be encouraged to continue using it for improving their overall health.