How HGH therapy can boost your health and wellbeing

Happy and healthy woman smilingIn today’s day and age people are often caught up in a frantic spiral of chasing money, power, and success, thus inadvertently avoiding their overall health and wellbeing. Staying healthy shouldn’t be treated as an optional aspect but rather a prerequisite to lead a balanced and mindful life. Hormones have been at the driver’s seat of most of the essential bodily processes. Hormone regulation hugely impacts the way your body functions and even the slightest imbalance can affect you adversely. Low energy, low or no libido, mood swings, hair thinning, muscle loss and weakness and fat gain are common symptoms of hormonal imbalance. Women and men experience similar symptoms when their hormones are imbalanced.

What are the symptoms faced by people with growth hormone deficiency?

  • Higher percentage of body fat, especially around the waist
  • Lower libido and decreased sexual function and interest
  • Fatigue
  • Going through moderate to severe menopausal symptoms
  • Lack of concentration and bad memory
  • Drastic reduction in bone density and more prone to having bone fractures in old age
  • Greater sensitivity to temperature changes

Growth Hormone Therapy is growing to be one of the most sort after treatments to help people keep their bodies youthful and healthy. Growth Hormones replicate the functioning of naturally produced hormones in the body, which promote cell regeneration and elevate reproduction rates.

Generally, the body produces its own growth hormones which are necessary to fuel the muscle and tissues, ensuring optimum functionality. Growth hormones are peptide hormones produced by the pea-sized pituitary gland of our body. Responsible for releasing various hormones, it cues the organs and other glands to secrete growth hormones. Such releases occur in small quantities and periodically. They are mainly secreted during the sleep cycle.The peak of growth hormone production occurs between 10pm and 4am. Sleep deprivation reduces secretion of growth hormone. Growth hormones ensure regulation of bodily processes. They are also in charge of  controlling cell turnover. 

What is GH Deficiency?

There are two kinds of Growth Hormone Deficiency:

  1. Congenial GH deficiency: Babies are born with this type. This causes a problem in the regulation of other hormones as well. The babies may appear to be normal until about 6-12 months, after which their growth is negatively affected
  2. Acquired GH deficiency: In this type the body stops producing enough GH to ensure normal body development. It can start at any time.

What are the benefits offered by HGT?

  • Boosts overall growth and body development
  • Supports an increase in metabolism
  • Increases your ability to lead an active lifestyle and improves athletic performance
  • Builds muscle and increases strength
  • Improves sleep, helps lower depression, improves memory and retention power
  • Hastens regeneration of bones and muscle tissues
  • Improves recovery rate and aids in the treatment of certain physical traumas.

Is Hormone Growth Therapy Safe?

Yes! Synthetic growth hormones are injected into the body. These are FDA-approved and are safe and effective as well. One may experience minor side-effects such as swelling, numbness, headaches, pain in the joints and muscle. These symptoms can be prevented with the help of prescribed medication and diet. At the beginning of the therapy you may feel an energy rush into your body, that will eventually stabilise during the course of the treatment. Your body may take some time to get better adjusted to these injections. You could connect with HGH therapy doctor us to understand how growth hormone therapy can help you.

Patients who have undergone specialised human growth hormone peptide treatments have noticed an immediate boost in their vitality, memory, weight loss, skin elasticity development, and lean muscle mass.

You will start to feel younger, lighter, and stronger with one of our HGH peptide treatments. Your performance and efficiency will improve at work as well as on the playing field.