FICCI-HADSA Nutraceuticals Conference 2012

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Date: Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Time:10.00 hrs – 17.30 hrs

Venue:Sci-Tech , Mumbai

FICCI-HADSA Nutraceutical Conference 2012 will focus on:

  • Setting up a common platform for the industry and other stakeholders
  • Helping create an interface between the industry and the government
  • The regulatory aspect in the international market
  • Understanding product categorisation in the Nutraceutical industry
  • Enhancing the nutraceutical market with emphasis on product commercialisation

Who should attend?

  • Herbal/Nutraceutical medicine manufacturers
  • Food processing industries
  • Agricultural and medicinal institutions
  • Biotechnology companies, Naturopathy centres
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Raw materials & Technology providers
  • R & D institutions
  • Regulators, Supermarket,Grocery & Convenience stores
  • Industry analysts, Processors,Packaging Industry
  • Marketers & Distributors, Financiers & Venture capitalists
  • Technology & Equipment suppliers
  • Entrepreneurs

Nutraceuticals supplements on a plateNutraceutical, a portmanteau of nutrition and pharmaceutical, refers to extracts of foods claimed to have a medicinal eff ect on human health. Nutraceuticals are dietary supplements, which are generally used to fi ll nutritional defi ciencies in food and to prevent diseases, but not to cure them. Nutraceuticals are divided into three segments—functional foods, functional beverages and mineral supplements.

Out of these, functional foods have the maximum share, while functional beverages have the lowest. Functional food [or medicinal food] is any fresh or processed food claimed to have a health-promoting or disease-preventing property beyond the basic function of supplying nutrients. A dietary supplement is a product that contains substances like vitamins, minerals, foods, botanicals, amino acids and is intended to supplement the usual intake of these substances.

The global Nutraceutical market in 2011 was estimated to be $149.5 Billion, of which India holds a mere one per cent market share. The Indian Nutraceutical market was valued at $1480 Million in 2011. Dietary supplements were the largest category, accounting for 64 per cent of the market, driven primarily by the
pharmaceutical sector, in the form of vitamin and mineral supplements. Many domestic players want to enter the global market, but are unaware of the regulatory process. Likewise, for international Nutraceutical companies who are eyeing the India market. Lack of products catering to the Indian customer calls for a greater focus on ommercialisation of the Nutraceutical industry. Over-crowded products in the nutraceutical market lead to need for proper categorisation in the industry. The Nutraceutical industry’s three main segments include functional foods, dietary supplements, and herbal/natural products.

Health and wellness food and beverages dominate the nutrition market in India. To take forward the cause of nutraceuticals in India, Federation of Indian
Chambers of Commerce and Industry’s Western Regional Council [FICCI – WRC] and Health Foods and Dietary Supplements Association [HADSA] is organising its fourth annual Nutraceutical Conference. “FICCI-HADSA Nutraceutical Conference 2012” will focus on giving an impetus to the Nutraceutical stakeholders. The objective of the day long conference is to enable the Indian Nutraceutical Industry to understand “Regulation, categorisation and commercialisation of Nutraceutical products in the domestic and global market”. FICCI Nutraceuticals 2012 will focus on the sustainable growth of the Healthcare and Nutraceuticals Industry. A comprehensive knowledge paper focussing on working mechanisms of the Nutraceutical industry, jointly prepared by FICCI and Grant Thornton, will be released during the conference.

For more details please contact: Ms. Nandini Aggrwal, Assistant Director – FICCI WRC, Email: na*************@fi***.com, Tel.: 022-24968000