Enhance your mood with essential oils

blankWhen you’ve had a long and stressful day there’s nothing better than an aromatherapy massage. You don’t have an aromatherapist to come to your aid?  No problem, just use essential oils to enhance your mood in any way you want. Whether it’s a burst of energy or a complete wind- down that you need, the right oil can have a powerful effect.

When you’ve decided to use essential oils as part of your mood-enhancing self-care routine, here are three simple ways to enjoy the benefits.


Whether you want to prepare for a wonderful night’s rest or re-invigorate yourself, ready for a night out, a self-massage with the right oil can create the mood you want.  If you’re looking for an energy boost, but don’t want to be left with oil on your skin, opt for a massage with natural body lotion containing one or more essential oils.

Need to wind down? While oils such as lavender and jasmine are well known for their relaxing and stress-reducing properties, why not try something different and experiment with earthy sandalwood or melissa, with its wonderful scent of lemons to help you let go of the day?

Although dill is more widely known as a culinary herb, when massaged into aching muscles, it’s a great muscle relaxant.

For an instant lift, when you don’t have time for a massage, just rub a couple of drops of orange, lemon, or melissa oil onto your palms, place over your nose and take a deep inhale. Lemon oil, in particular, is renowned for its anti-bacterial properties.  Or just rub a couple of drops of tension-melting frankincense onto your temples and your stress headache will soon lift.

Bathtime bliss

What’s more luxurious than the feeling of soaking away the day’s cares in a warm bath filled with delicious scents?  Just add a few drops of essential oil to the water and transform your experience. The sensuous, wildly-feminine fragrances of ylang-ylang, jasmine, or rose will help you re-connect with your unstressed self.


If you have a bracelet or pendant made of pebbles or rock fragments,  spread a little of the essential oil, diluted in the carrier oil, onto the stone.  Wipe off most of it, and the remaining traces will go with you through the day.  Bergamot oil would be a good choice when you have a busy day ahead of you or are in particular need of a positive frame of mind. Ylang-ylang, which is also said to decrease anxiety, would be useful, for example before flying. Or choose any fragrance you love and enjoy as it helps to create the mood you want.

A final word of caution, though. To avoid the possibility of skin adverse reactions, always dilute your essential oils with a carrier, such as almond or coconut oil before using. This also makes good sense from an economic point of view – your chosen oil will last longer and you’ll still get all the benefits when your chosen oil is mixed with another.

The key to using essential oils is to experiment. Just try out samples and choose the scents which call out to you and use them in whatever way makes you feel wonderful.