Eight Tips for Managing Anxiety for Women Traveling Solo

Woman travelling soloTraveling can be anxiety inducing at times and it’s often even more difficult when you’re travelling solo. If you’re a woman who’s traveling solo, there are often different things to consider when traveling to an unfamiliar city. Depending on where in the world you’re traveling there can be certain customs to keep in mind that are specific to females. So how exactly can you combat anxiety and make sure that you’re travelling as safely as possible?

Fortunately for you, I’ve got a decent amount of experience when it comes to traveling solo, and today I’ll be sharing just a few of my top tips for managing anxiety in a new place. Let’s go.

Eight Tips for Managing Anxiety for Women Traveling Solo

1. Prep often and early

One of the best ways I’ve found to avoid anxiety when traveling is to book as much as I can in advance. Of course, this might not be the best approach for you if you’re more of an impulsive traveler, but it’s not a bad shout if you want to keep your anxiety manageable. Try keeping a note on your phone with the neighborhoods you’ll be traveling to and certain must sees that you’d like to check out. This way you don’t have to plan every minute- you can leave room for spontaneity without having to search while you’re there. You can get all of the hard work out of the way in advance so that when you’re traveling, all you need to do is to follow your list. Here are some other things that  you’ll want to do right before you leave.

2. Read reviews

This is the most basic tip I’ll include on this list because I’m sure you’re already doing it, but you do need to be sure not to forget it. Reviews are particularly worth reading as a solo traveler because you can pay extra attention to what people write about their personal safety and security. Read other bloggers take on their experiences solo travelling The more tips the better!

3. Have someone to keep you accountable

I like to keep my mom in the loop with my plans so that she always knows where I’m going on any given day. This is a great way to keep her updated on how my vacation is going, but it also means I have someone to check in with me. If she hasn’t heard from me by a certain time, usually 10 PM local time unless I’m planning on a late night, she knows to check in with the hotel.Be sure to share your itinerary and emergency contacts with someone you trust. You don’t have to check in every day like me but it IS a good idea to have regular check ins no matter how confident you feel.

4. Start small

One of the best ways to increase your confidence as a solo traveler is to start out small, travelling nationally instead of internationally and only heading away for a night or two. You can even try revisiting a city that you’ve already visited because you’ll already know your way around.

5. Learn self-defense

The hope will always be that you’ll never need to use this, but it can still be worth learning the basics of self-defense if only because it can help you to stay in shape and to give you a little extra self-confidence. Knowing self defense is a great way to feel in control and it can be a really fun thing to do with other girlfriends

6. Practice the language

Similar to the last point, practicing the languages of any countries you plan to visit can be another great way to increase your confidence and to reduce any anxiety you have about visiting an unfamiliar place. You don’t have to become a fluent speaker but. just picking up a few key phrases can be enough to help you get around and gain the respect of the locals..

7. Know key contact numbers

Another way to reduce anxiety is to know the contact numbers for key emergency services. Knowing them by heart or tucking them into your sock so that if you need them in an emergency you have them.There’s usually a general number for true emergencies, but it can also be worth looking up numbers for local health services, taxi companies, tourist information centers and other useful organizations just so that you know they’re there for you to fall back on.

8. Don’t let fear hold you back

In the end, you can spend a lot of time preparing to travel, but you shouldn’t let it become an all-consuming obsession. Solo travel is hugely fulfilling, and yet I know far too many people who’ve wanted to do it but who’ve allowed themselves to be held back by fear and paranoia. Practice self care,  prepare yourself and research your destination, you’ll be on your way to having a safe and enjoyable vacation.  Remember to give yourself grace if you start to feel anxious, take a few deep breaths and remember to rest.


Now that you know some tips to bid  anxiety “good riddens”, you’re ready to have some fun travelling. Whether you’re vacationing by cruise leaving from the Seattle port or whether you’re taking a road trip across Europe or the United States, I hope that this article has given you the confidence you need. Happy travels!