5 Things About Transparent Braces That You Should Know

blankYou are never fully dressed without a smile. And behind every beautiful smile lies a healthy set of teeth. This is where transparent braces save you and allow you to spread happiness with your smile. These braces are a top-grade solution to get your teeth aligned and create a perfect smile.

Precisely, transparent braces are trays used to align your teeth, which you can easily snap in and snap out. These are custom made clear trays that easily fit on your teeth. Their invisibility, lightweight and comfort are the most appealing features which make them a favourable solution among many.

Are you planning to start your teeth straightening process with these transparent braces but not sure if they are right for you? It happens! To help you out, we’ve mentioned a few things about transparent braces to help you make a decision.

Ideal Use of Transparent Braces

Transparent braces are an ideal choice for you if you have misaligned teeth and problems such as uneven bite, crooked teeth, teeth crowding, teeth spacing, overjet, etc. These teeth problems can be fixed by adjusting and pushing your teeth to their ideal position. Here’s when transparent braces come to play.

Besides, these braces are made with transparent plastic, so you can confidently hang out with your friends, attend events or get on zoom calls, etc., as no one would be able to spot your aligners. Much more comfortable than attending such events with metal braces.

Effectiveness/Result of Transparent Braces

While wearing transparent braces, you just need to be a bit careful about the hours for which you wear them. For favourable results, it is advisable to wear them for more than 20 hours a day, which covers your sleeping time as well. It is manageable as you just need to take off your aligners while having your meals and cleansing. Having your transparent braces on for longer hours might even accelerate the process.

Frequency of Dental Visits Required

There’s no comparison if we estimate the frequency of dental visits for transparent braces vs metal braces. During your teeth straightening process with transparent braces, you need not visit your dentist as they do not scratch, poke or drop off like metal braces. If you face minor issues with transparent braces, you can easily take them off, but you might have to rush to your dentist for such issues in the case of metal braces.

You can even start your teeth straightening journey online with a service provider like toothsi. While availing of such services, you need not step out of your home even once during your treatment. You can get all your issues resolved while sitting at home, either through a video consultation or the doorstep service of their professionals.

Eating Habits and Oral Health with Aligners

If you are planning to begin your teeth straightening journey with transparent braces, you need not alter your eating habits, as you can simply remove your braces and enjoy your meals. In contrast, you need to watch your eating habits during your treatment with metal braces.

Besides, it is super easy to maintain your oral health with transparent braces as you can pull out your aligners and comfortably brush your teeth as well as braces. This leaves no window for the growth of bacteria or gum diseases.

Who Can Wear Transparent Braces?

Most age groups, such as children, teenagers and adults, can enjoy the perks of this super-smooth treatment. The only thing that needs to be kept in mind is—clears aligners only    solve teeth issues related to misalignment.

How Long Does the Treatment Last?

Every individual has his/her own teeth concerns and conditions, and the duration of the treatment largely depends on the misalignment issue that you have. However, after analysing your condition, your dentist can give you an approximate time the process will take to shift your teeth to their ideal position.

Time to create the perfect smile!

Now that you have all necessary information, without further ado, book a consultation with a credible smile makeover service provider like toothsi and get a detailed understanding of the process to create the perfect smile!