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Our writers are domain specialists, health and fitness experts, wellness professionals, spiritual thought leaders—many are pioneers in their own right.

Here is a list of the writers who have contributed one or more articles to Complete Wellbeing over the past several years. Click on the name to read more about them.

Malti BhojwaniMalti Bhojwani (4)

Malti Bhojwani is a professional life coach and neuro linguistic practitioner. She uses the manifestation of the laws of attraction in her life and with her clients to help them discover their hidden potential and achieve their life goals. She is based in Mumbai.

Manoj AroraManoj Arora (3)

Manoj Arora is an electrical engineer turned financial expert and author. After graduating from AMU Aligarh as a gold medalist, he spent two decades working for many Fortune 500 companies. Now, he pursues his passion as an author and seeks to uplift society.

Ashish NarayankarAshish Narayankar (1)

Dr Ashish Narayankar is a Body process and Talk to The Entities facilitator. He is a Clinical Hypnotherapist and works holistically using medical science and energy medicine. He specialises in cancer healing. Write to him at ashishnarayankar@gmail.com

Ramgopal VallathRamgopal Vallath (1)

Ramgopal Vallath is a motivational speaker and author of Oops the Mighty Gurgle. By sharing his story of overcoming CIDP, he wants to help as many lives as possible.

Edward GroupEdward Group (1)

Edward Group is a leader in the natural health industry. He is the founder and CEO of Global Healing Center, a premier natural health and organic living organization. Highly respected for his ongoing involvement in both of these movements, Dr. Group's ongoing publications, numerous appearances, and countless speaking engagements have made him an authority in this field.

Himanshu SoniHimanshu Soni (2)

Dr Himanshu Soni is full-time consultant neurologist and epileptologist at Dr L H Hiranandani Hospital, Powai, Mumbai.

John DemartiniJohn Demartini (1)

John Demartini is a human behavioural specialist, founder of the Demartini Institute, international best-selling author, educator and business consultant working with CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, celebrities and sports personalities. He provides answers to questions and practical solutions to life’s challenges.

Jackie WoodsideJackie Woodside (1)

Jackie Woodside is the founder of the Woodside Wellness Institute. She is a certified professional coach and licensed psychotherapist with over 25 years experience in both fields. Jackie is author of Calming the Chaos: A Soulful Guide to Managing Your Energy Rather than Your Time and What If It’s Time for a Change and contributing author to Conscious Entrepreneurs. She leads spiritual retreats, offers professional development training and keynote speeches around the country.

Sathya SaranSathya Saran (19)

Sathya Saran is a renowned journalist. She is best known for her role as Editor of Femina and DNA Me. She is also an author, a columnist and an adjunct professor at NIFT, Mumbai.

Mansi VisariaMansi Visaria (1)

Mansi R Visaria is a dreamer, seeker and a student of life. She practices counselling psychology and clinical hypnotherapy and is owner of Awakening Insights. Her purpose in life is to empower individuals and help them ignite their own light.

avatar for Georg FeuersteinGeorg Feuerstein (1)

Georg Feuerstein was one of the foremost writers and teachers on of Yoga and Indian philosophy. He founded the educational foundation Traditional Yoga Studies to promote the tradition of Yoga based in solid scholarship and scriptural and oral transmission.

avatar for Brenda FeuersteinBrenda Feuerstein (1)

Brenda Feuerstein, studied Yoga, meditation, Buddhism and Sanskrit and now serves as the educational and spiritual director of Traditional Yoga Studies, founded by Georg. She is a tutor and mentor for Yoga courses and also conducts classes, workshops, retreats and training sessions worldwide

Lisa Merlo-BoothLisa Merlo-Booth (2)

Lisa Merlo-Booth is a straight-talking relationship coach, speaker and blogger. She has a Masters Degree in Counselling Psychology and over 20 years of experience in relationship coaching

Sapan VermaSapan Verma (1)

Sapan Verma is a comedian, writer and director with East India Comedy. Love him or hate him, you can leave him a message on twitter @sapanv.

Charlie MorleyCharlie Morley (1)

Charlie Morley has authored the bestselling Dreams of Awakening. His new book: Lucid Dreaming: A Beginners Guide To Becoming Conscious In Your Dreams will be out in Feb 2015.

Susanne BabbelSusanne Babbel (2)

Susanne Babbel is an Integrative Therapist in San Francisco. Her passion for helping others has led her to her current occupation. She lectures, makes radio appearances, and is the author of many articles and an upcoming book.

Akash GautamAkash Gautam (1)

Akash Gautam is a Motivational Speaker in India for Corporate Events and Youth. Top corporate organisations in Asia go to him when they need lasting motivation for their teams. He uses sarcasm and humour to inspire his audience. Visit his website to know more.

Wayne AllenWayne Allen (20)

A retired psychotherapist, and the author of 5 books, Wayne's approach to writing, life, and living comes from his love of Zen. He teaches living in the now, and taking full responsibility for "how everything goes." Wayne emphasizes wholeness, peace, and clarity of thought. His books, resources and other writings are available at phoenixcentrepress.com

Paul DooleyPaul Dooley (1)

Paul Dooley is a blogger, podcaster, and anxiety coach based in San Diego, California. To learn more, visit anxietyguru.net

Renu MahtaniRenu Mahtani (2)

Dr Renu Mahtani is the founder of Param Yoga. She is a practicing physician, author and yoga therapist.

Saumya SureshSaumya Suresh (1)

Saumya Suresh is a research scholar and is pursuing a PhD in Industrial Psychology. She writes on mental health, complementary and alternative medicine and spirituality.

Anna ParkinsonAnna Parkinson (1)

Anna Parkinson writes and gives talks and workshops about healing. She can be contacted at www.annaparkinson.com for a healing session.

avatar for Kruttika BhideKruttika Bhide (1)

Kruttika Bhide is a Clinical Nutritionist and a certified fitness trainer. She has over three years of clinical nutrition experience in the field of diabetes education, weight management and women’s health.

Marty NemkoMarty Nemko (1)

Marty Nemko is a career coach, author, columnist, and public radio host specialising in career issues and education reform. His website www.martynemko.com contains links to his almost 3,000 published articles.

Margaret AndrewsMargaret Andrews (3)

Margaret Andrews is a freelance writer. Her latest book is Adventures in Blogville: A Creative Writing Guide for Teens.

avatar for Denise WolfeDenise Wolfe (1)

Denise D Wolfe is a writer living in California. Several of her pieces have been anthologised in Pretty Women: True Stories of Obsession, Ageing and Acceptance. Reach her at DeniseDWolfe@gmail.com

Anne JonesAnne Jones (1)

Anne Jones is an international author, teacher, speaker and spiritual guide. All of her healing workshops are now available online at www.the-powerofyou.com. Anne blogs at www.annejonesblog.org.

Mariko MiyakeMariko Miyake (2)

Mariko Miyake is a writer, artist, and photographer. She has written articles for Honolulu Magazine and Tiny Buddha. She also has a travel blog, Achi Kochi Love and a soon-to-be cooking blog Momochan Conquers the World.

Alexandra MadhavanAlexandra Madhavan (3)

What happens when a Canadian girl becomes a Tamil Iyengar wife? Alexandra Madhavan tells it all in her blog, Madh Mama, which features personal stories and advice with a Firangi Bahu flair. Alexandra currently lives in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada with her husband and daughter.

Gaurang DesaiGaurang Desai (2)

Dr Gaurang Desai is a consulting family physician from Dr L H Hiranandani Hospital, Mumbai.

Rishma Dhillon PaiRishma Dhillon Pai (1)

Dr Rishma Dhillon Pai is a Mumbai based gynaecologist. She and her husband Dr Hrishikesh Pai have had the fortune of treating thousands of infertile couples to help them have their own child

AV Ganesh KumarAV Ganesh Kumar (4)

Dr AV Ganesh Kumar MD, DNB [med], DM [cardiology], DNB [cardiology] FACC is Head, Dept of Cardiology at Dr LH Hiranandani Hospital.

Susan BialiSusan Biali (2)

Dr Susan Biali, MD is an internationally recognised medical doctor, happiness expert, life coach, author, speaker and flamenco dancer. She blogs for PsychologyToday.com and is the author of Live a Life You Love: 7 Steps to a Healthier, Happier, More Passionate You. To receive a free copy of her e-book, 10 Essential Easy Changes: Boost Mood, Increase Energy,Reduce Stress By Tomorrow, visit her website.

David McDermottDavid McDermott (1)

David McDermott teaches his clients the finer details of mind control and narcissism so that they can make sense of what happened to them and take control of their lives again. Visit his website www.decision-making-confidence.com

Esther EkhartEsther Ekhart (1)

Esther Ekhart is the founder of Ekhart Yoga and has been a yoga teacher for over 20 years. In her classes she provides a wonderful mix of practicing the asanas and teaching the philosophical aspects of yoga. To find out more please visit www.ekhartyoga.com.

Raychelle Cassada LohmannRaychelle Cassada Lohmann (1)

Raychelle Cassada Lohmann is a professional counsellor and speaker, who has helped young people deal with anxiety, anger and bullying for over 17 years. She is the author of 'The Anger Workbook for Teens', ‘The Bullying Workbook for Teens’, ‘Staying Cool...When You’re Steaming Mad’ and ‘Teen Anxiety’.

Phoebe HutchisonPhoebe Hutchison (6)

Phoebe Hutchison is the author of Are You Listening? Life Is Talking to You and Honeymooners Forever: Twelve Step Marriage Survival Guide. She has worked extensively with couples and clients in crisis. Reach her at Honeymooners Forever or Are you Listening?

Tripura KashyapTripura Kashyap (1)

Tripura Kashyap is a choreographer, dance therapist and dance educator. A pioneer in her field, she studied Dance therapy at the Hancock Center, USA. She is the director of Creative Movement Therapy Association of India.

Dina RoseDina Rose (1)

Dr Dina Rose, PhD, is a sociologist, parent educator, feeding expert and the author of It’s Not About the Broccoli. In addition to writing her own blog, It’s Not About Nutrition, Dina is also a regular contributor to Psychology Today.

Matthew B JamesMatthew B James (1)

Matthew B James is President of The Empowerment Partnership and author of Find Your Purpose, Master Your Path. He has immersed himself in Huna and he carries on the lineage of one of the last practicing kahunas. For more information visit www.NLP.com