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Our writers are domain specialists, health and fitness experts, wellness professionals, spiritual thought leaders—many are pioneers in their own right.

Here is a list of the writers who have contributed one or more articles to Complete Wellbeing over the past several years. Click on the name to read more about them.

Christiane NorthrupChristiane Northrup (1)

Dr Christiane Northrup, M.D., board-certified ob/gyn, former Assistant Clinical Professor of ObGyn at Maine Medical Center, and New York Times best-selling author, is a visionary pioneer and the foremost authority on everything that can go right with the female body! Dr. Northrup is a leading proponent of medicine that acknowledges the unity of mind, body, emotions, and spirit; internationally known for her empowering approach to women's health and wellness, she teaches women how to thrive at every stage of life. Dr. Northrup stays in touch with her large community worldwide through her Internet radio show Flourish!, Facebook, Twitter, her monthly e-letter, and her website.

Ben SteinBen Stein (1)

Ben Stein studied economics at Columbia University and was also lucky enough to study finance at Yale while he attended Yale Law School. Ben has served as an economist, trial lawyer, speechwriter, teacher of law and economics, columnist for The Wall Street Journal, writer on finance, commentator on finance on television, frequent witness at Congressional hearings about finance, and author of many books about personal finance.

Colin GreeningColin Greening (1)

Colin Greening is a professional athlete who plays left wing for the Toronto Maple Leafs in the National Hockey League. He graduated with honors from Cornell University where he served for two years as captain of Cornell's varsity hockey team. In the off-season he is doing research and writing on the role of nutrition in sports performance.

Suzy SinghSuzy Singh (1)

Suzy Singh is a Transpersonal therapist, karma coach and energy healer with extensive clinical experience in multidisciplinary approaches to vibrational and spiritual healing. She is the author of the forthcoming book on karma.

Gaynor McTigueGaynor McTigue (1)

G Gaynor McTigue is the author of six books, including the best-selling Life’s Little Frustration Book series. His books have been featured on hundreds of radio and TV shows throughout US and Canada. Based on the same strategies presented in this book, McTigue conducts life-altering stress elimination workshops for groups and organisations.

Nigel MellorNigel Mellor (1)

Dr Nigel Mellor is a retired psychologist. He has been studying Buddhism for many years. He is the author of The Good, the Bad and the Irritating and Buddhism#now: Big Questions. Inner Peace. LOL.

Radha ThomasRadha Thomas (1)

Radha Thomas is the Executive Vice-President at Explocity Private Limited. She is an author and a jazz vocalist and the band leader of the jazz-fusion band, UNK: the Radha Thomas Ensemble. She has written a column called, ‘Between the Sexes’ for the Bangalore Monthly.

Anjana DevasahayamAnjana Devasahayam (7)

Anjana Devasahayam is an engineer turned recipe developer, food stylist and photographer for her blog. She shares wholesome, delicious recipes; be it family heirlooms, classic recipes from around the world or her own inventions to feed her family of three.

Preeti TamilarasanPreeti Tamilarasan (2)

Preeti Tamilarasan is a food blogger & photographer, primarily focused on Indian cooking.

Mallika BasuMallika Basu (1)

Mallika Basu is the author of Miss Masala: Real Indian Cooking for Busy Living. She has been featured on Madhur Jaffrey's Curry Nation and Jamie Oliver's channel FoodTube.

Danny DreyerDanny Dreyer (1)

Danny Dreyer is an esteemed walking and running coach, best-selling author and a nationally-ranked ultramarathon runner. He is co-author, with Katherine Dreyer, of ChiWalking, ChiRunning and ChiMarathon.

avatar for YemadoYemado (1)

Yemado is a senior teacher of Boabom and the Director of The Boston School of Boabom. He is co-translator and editor of a number of books about Boabom, including The Secret Art of Seamm-Jasani.

Diana SterlingDiana Sterling (1)

Diana Sterling is a professional certified coach, speaker, author and trainer as well as a 38-year business owner. She has a life-long commitment to self-employment and to helping others find success, which has resulted in the creation of many programmes including The Parent as a Coach Approach.

Danielle J BoehmDanielle J Boehm (1)

Danielle J Boehm holds an Associate's degree in Nursing and is a COO and sleep educator at Sleep for Success.

Kristin NeffKristin Neff (1)

Kristin Neff is Associate Professor of Educational Psychology at the University of Texas at Austin. She is a pioneer in the field of self-compassion research, conducting the first empirical study on self-compassion. She is author of the book Self-Compassion: The Proven Power of Being Kind to Yourself, released by William Morrow. Kristin is also featured in the best-selling book and award-winning documentary The Horse Boy, which chronicles her family’s journey to Mongolia where they trekked on horseback to find healing for her autistic son.

Tess GrahamTess Graham (1)

Tess Graham is a physiotherapist, breathing educator and international speaker. She is the author of Relief from Snoring and Sleep Apnoea. She teaches people all around the world to breathe easily and silently through online courses and consulting.

Nithya GovindarajanNithya Govindarajan (1)

Nithya Govindarajan is a business analyst and has a food blog that specialises in Indian and international recipes and also kitchen related articles.

Theresa CheungTheresa Cheung (1)

Theresa Cheung is the best-selling author of The Element Encyclopaedia of 20,000 Dreams [Harper Collins] and Sunday Times best-selling author of An Angel Healed Me [Simon and Schuster].

Anamika NandedkarAnamika Nandedkar (1)

Anamika Nandedkar is a journalist. Being married to an Army officer, she is fully enjoying her nomadic life which is a “shaken and stirred” cocktail of adventure and anxiety.

avatar for Judy RingerJudy Ringer (1)

Judy Ringer is author of Unlikely Teachers: Finding the Hidden Gifts in Daily Conflict, a second-degree black belt in Aikido, and founder of Power & Presence Training.

Daniel GoldsmithDaniel Goldsmith (1)

Daniel Goldsmith is author of Choose your Metaphor. His goal as a teacher and a writer is to show how the often complex ideas we find in religion, myth, and philosophy have a direct and concrete application to everyday life.

Deepali BhardwajDeepali Bhardwaj (1)

Dr Deepali Bhardwaj is founder and CEO of the Skin & Hair Clinic. She is a leading dermatologist specialising in skin and hair treatments. She is also Honorary Dermatologist to the President Estate Clinic, Rashtrapati Bhawan and has won several awards and scholarships.

Carl PickhardtCarl Pickhardt (1)

Dr Carl Pickhardt is a writer, graphic artist and psychologist. He received his M.Ed. from Harvard and PhD from the University of Texas. He has written 20 books on parenting and psychology and numerous children and adult fiction.

Karina BaigrieKarina Baigrie (1)

Karina Baigrie is a world traveller, mum, wife and nurse. Her need to experience the world set her off with her husband and sons aged five and nine for a year.

Caroline FergusonCaroline Ferguson (1)

Caroline Ferguson is a cognitive behavioural hypnotherapist and mindset trainer. She helps women to deliver their full impact by teaching them how to beat limiting beliefs and equipping them with the skills to become more solution-focused.

avatar for Louise AltmanLouise Altman (1)

Louise Altman is a partner at Intentional Communication Consultants which provides coaching, and organisational consulting worldwide. Their services include a focus on emotional intelligence and social neuroscience.

Lee HadwinLee Hadwin (1)

Lee Hadwin is a Welsh-Australian artist who has been described by the art world as “unique”. With no training or no inclination in waking life to be an artist he draws and sketches portraits, figures and landscapes in his sleep.

Alan GreeneAlan Greene (1)

Dr Alan Greene is a paediatrician in private practice, committed to giving extraordinary care to his patients. He is the author of several books including Feeding Baby Green and Raising Baby Green.

Suzanne Degges-WhiteSuzanne Degges-White (1)

Dr Suzanne Degges-White PhD, is professor and chair of the Department of Counseling, Adult and Higher Education at Northern Illinois University. She is the author of Toxic Friendships: Knowing the Rules and Dealing with the Friends who Break Them.

Zoe ReyesZoe Reyes (1)

Zoe Reyes is a licensed marriage and family therapist who specialises in anxiety and trauma. She is trained in EMDR therapy and the owner of the private practice group “The Peak Counseling Group” located in Sacramento, CA.

Rashmi SinghRashmi Singh (1)

Dr Rashmi Singh MBBS, DDVL, is consultant dermatologist at Kaya Skin Clinic and Venkat Charmalaya, Bangalore.

Karyl McbrideKaryl Mcbride (1)

Dr Karyl McBride, PhD, is a licensed marriage and family therapist. She is the author of Will I Ever Be Good Enough? Healing the Daughters of Narcissistic Mothers and Will I Ever Be Free of You?

Douglas SchriftDouglas Schrift (1)

Douglas Schrift is a physical therapist, certified geriatric specialist, certified hand therapist, and senior fitness coach. He is the creator of Eldergym® Senior Fitness, and the author of Everyday Fitness For Seniors. He has produced over 10 exercise videos for seniors.

Sachin ThombareSachin Thombare (1)

Sachin Thombare is a hypnotist and a master practitioner of NLP. He has spent more than 10 years in private banking and investment management. He now offers coaching and training programmes through his company Subtle Skills.

avatar for Manikandan PattabiramanManikandan Pattabiraman (2)

Manikandan Pattabiraman is a self-taught gardener. After a decade of working in the IT industry, he quit to start a career in farming. He founded the company Geekgardener to promote urban farms.

Jasmine ModiJasmine Modi (1)

Jasmine Modi, PhD is a gold medalist in oriental medicine. She is the Chairperson of Jasmine Modi Center for Acupuncture.

Chantal Sicile-KiraChantal Sicile-Kira (1)

Chantal Sicile-Kira is an award-winning author of six books, speaker, transition planning consultant and leader in the field of autism, adolescence, effects of autism on the family, and transition to adulthood.

Shelly PhillipsShelly Phillips (1)

Shelly Phillips is passionate about being the best human she can possibly be and supporting others to do the same. She has helped hundreds of clients overcome personal challenges and develop the skills to live happier, more authentic lives.

Om SwamiOm Swami (2)

Om Swami is the author of If Truth Be Told: A Monk’s Memoirs and A Fistful of Love. He lives in the Himalayan foothills as a mystic. Prior to renunciation, he completed his MBA from Australia and founded a multi-million dollar software company.

Kristine Kaoverii WeberKristine Kaoverii Weber (1)

Kristine Kaoverii Weber is the author of Healing Self Massage, the founder of Subtle®Yoga and the director of Subtle®Health, LLC. Based in Asheville, North Carolina, she presents workshops and trainings to yoga practitioners and healthcare professionals internationally.