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Our writers are domain specialists, health and fitness experts, wellness professionals, spiritual thought leaders—many are pioneers in their own right.

Here is a list of the writers who have contributed one or more articles to Complete Wellbeing over the past several years. Click on the name to read more about them.

Yogesh ChabriaYogesh Chabria (3)

Yogesh Chabria is an investor and author. You can find out how he uses economic slowdowns and depressions to invest and create wealth in his bestselling book - Invest The Happionaire Way.

Salomi Pakvasa ShahSalomi Pakvasa Shah (1)

Dr Salomi Pakvasa Shah, MD [Homoeopathy] is a physician practicing in Mumbai. She has recently founded her travel company, Have Feet, Must Travel that specialises in highly personalised holidays.

Namita JainNamita Jain (8)

Namita Jain is a Mumbai-based certified Clinical Exercise Specialist, Lifestyle and Weight management Consultant from the American Council on Exercise [ACE] and certified Health and Fitness Instructor from the American College of Sports Medicine [ACSM]. She is the Founder of LiveActive, a wellness company that delivers effective and holistically designed wellness programmes based on individual needs.

Ipshita SharmaIpshita Sharma (4)

Ipshita Sharma is in love with travelling and books. She is from Mumbai, is based in Dubai but has her heart in a different city depending on her mood.

Aparna PradhanAparna Pradhan (12)

Writing for me is a journey of the soul which never ends. Writing has been a passion for me since my childhood. It is a great outlet for creative expression and gives me enormous pleasure and a sense of satisfaction when I share my passion with others, enriching their lives. I am now pursuing my passion for painting professionally and exhibiting my works in various exhibitions. Some of my works adorn the walls of Raj Bhavan, Goa and private collections. I write on varied subjects – my favourite being health and nutrition

Lissa CoffeyLissa Coffey (1)

Lissa Coffey is a best-selling author, relationship expert, hypnotherapist and a frequent guest on radio and TV. Her keen insight into interpersonal and cultural dynamics offers guidance for anyone looking to fill the void in their harried lives.

Terry PaulsonTerry Paulson (1)

Dr Terry Paulson, PhD, is a psychologist, professional speaker, columnist, and author of The Optimism Advantage, Leadership Truths One Story at a Time, and Speak Like a Pro. Dr Paulson is a past president of the Global Speakers Federation. His engaging style and practical messages have earned him a reputation as one of America’s best keynote speakers.

Rakhi AgarwalRakhi Agarwal (1)

Rakhi Agarwal is a travel and lifestyle writer.

Supriya KantakSupriya Kantak (4)

Supriya Kantak is a writer by profession, a photographer by passion, and a traveller at heart.

Prabhakar ShettyPrabhakar Shetty (1)

Dr Prabhakar Shetty is a consultant chest physician and has nine years of clinical experience in national and international settings. His special fields of interest include sleep medicine, non-invasive ventilation, airway diseases and bronchoscopy.

Sandeep DesaiSandeep Desai (1)

Sensei Sandeep Desai has over 30 years of experience in martial arts, yoga and meditation. He is the first Indian to be officially authorised by Master Zhu Tian Cai to teach the traditional Chen Style T’ai Chi system. He teaches Chenjiagou T’ai Chi on a full time basis and conducts regular courses and workshops.

Farida DariwalaFarida Dariwala (1)

Farida Dariwala has more than 7 years of experience of practicing Alternate Healing. Her life has been her biggest teacher and she draws inspiration in her daily living. She works with therapeutic modalities like Reiki, Access Consciousness (Bars & Body Processes), Hypnotherapy, Angel therapy, Dance Movement Therapy and Crystals. She lives in Mumbai, India. She is into dual profession. On one end she handles on-ground activation for a leading Entertainment company and on other end she is an Angel Channel, Healer and Facilitator of different healing modalities; stemming from her primary love of being able to guide people on their journey to self-actualization and self-empowerment.

Corinne RodriguesCorinne Rodrigues (2)

Corinne Rodrigues is a Mumbai based writer who believes that wisdom comes to us in the ordinary events of life and we can be inspired and inspire—every day! You can read more of her writing on her blog http://everydaygyaan.com

Luke CoutinhoLuke Coutinho (4)

Luke Coutinho is a Holistic Nutritionist and an Integrative Medicine and Lifestyle practitioner. An educator and a motivational speaker, his programmes are personalised and customised according to an individual’s lifestyle and revolves around the four pillars of good health: Nutrition, Exercise, Sleep and Stress.

Jenny YipJenny Yip (1)

Jenny C Yip is a licensed psychologist, and executive director of the Renewed Freedom Center, Los Angeles, founded in 2008. She is a Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at USC Keck School of Medicine and nationally recognised OCD expert.

Smita AcharyaSmita Acharya (1)

Dr Smita Acharya is a practising dentist associated with a leading chain of clinics in Mumbai. She likes writing on oral care to spread awareness among people, especially children.

Andrew MellenAndrew Mellen (1)

Andrew Mellen is an organisational expert, best-selling author of Unstuff Your Life! and founder of Unstuff U®—the world’s first completely virtual personal organisation training centre.

Richa AnandRicha Anand (2)

Richa Anand is full time consultant dietician at Dr L H Hiranandani Hospital, Powai, Mumbai

PadhuPadhu (10)

Padhu is the author of Padhuskitchen.com which focuses on Indian vegetarian recipes. All the recipes on her website are tried and
tested to perfection by her. Her recipes are healthy and made very simple with easy-to-follow cooking instructions and pictures,
motivating anyone to cook.

Karen SivanKaren Sivan (4)

Karen Sivan is a aromatherapist trained from the Tisserand Institute in London. For five years she lived at a Zen Centre; Bodhi Zendo near Kodaikanal where she compiled and edited The Tale of Self ,173 Zen stories. She now runs a meditation centre in Kerala.

Jenny DixJenny Dix (1)

Jenny Dix is an artist and a mom. She constantly has her hands in countless creative projects and in 2011 she began her blog, The Contemplative Creative, as a way of sharing her ideas with others. Jenny currently lives in the Seattle area.

Geetha G HGeetha G H (8)

Geetha is a Bangalore based registered dietitian, certified diabetes educator, one of the very few sports nutritionist from International Olympic Committee ( IOC ), with diverse experience of over 15 years in academia, nutritional counselling, lifestyle coaching, clinical nutrition, food safety, corporate workshops and seminars, clinical research, a nutrition columnist for well renowned health magazines and wellness websites, a university first ranker with several gold medals at both under-graduation and post-graduation, passionate about yoga, preventive and performance nutrition.

Jacquie BurgessJacquie Burgess (1)

Jacquie Burgess is the author of Healing with Crystals and Crystals for Life, both published by New Leaf, Gill & Macmillan. She lives in County Carlow in the Republic of Ireland and has a private practice working with crystals, herbs and psychotherapy. She also teaches meditation, herbs for health, and ceremony [Wheel of the Year, Celtic Spirituality].

Pavitra Shanbhag-BhatPavitra Shanbhag-Bhat (2)

Dr Pavitra Shanbhag-Bhat is a consultant [Ophthalmology] at Dr L H Hiranandani Hospital, Mumbai.

Dharmachari KamalashilaDharmachari Kamalashila (1)

Dharmachari Kamalashila has been actively teaching meditation, establishing communities, writing and leading Dharma study since the past 40 years. He was ordained into the Triratna Buddhist in 1974 by Urgyen Sangharakshita who gave him his Dharma name: ‘Kamalashila’.

Gouri DangeGouri Dange (2)

Gouri Dange, a writer, columnist, book editor and counsellor, has published two books ABCs of Parenting [Jaico Books], and a novel titled, 3 Zakia Mansion [Penguin India]. Both books, in their own way, explore how families function or fail to function.

Rachael PontilloRachael Pontillo (2)

Rachael Pontillo is a Holistic Health and Image Coach, board certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. She is the owner and founder of the blog and wellness company Holistically Haute™, LLC and also writes for several other health and wellness publications.

Sukanya RaySukanya Ray (11)

Sukanya Ray is a consultant at Human Dynamic Asia Pacific, Bangalore, providing people management services. She is a clinical psychologist trained from the National Institute of Mental Health And Neuro Sciences [NIMHANS], Bangalore.

Amar PanditAmar Pandit (14)

Amar Pandit is the founder and CEO of My Financial Advisor and best-selling author of The only Financial Planning Book that you will Ever Need. He is very passionate about spreading financial literacy in India and does so regularly through his sharp and analytical columns in various newspapers and websites.

Anahata MenonAnahata Menon (1)

Anahata Menon is a shamanic healer, mystical journey leader and spiritualist. She has trained in different energy modalities and is a certified Clinical, Behavioral and Past-life regression Hypnotherapist. She has also authored a book of poetry and prose called Song Journey Home.

Niru KumarNiru Kumar (1)

Dr Niru Kumar, MBBS, is a hypnotherapist, past-life regression therapist and Mars-Venus relationship expert. She can be contacted at drnirukumar123@gmail.com

Adam WallisAdam Wallis (1)

Adam Wallis has written on behalf of the Lighthouse International Society, a personal development, leadership and entrepreneurial not-for-profit community dedicated to helping people build their lives, families, careers or businesses to make an impact on our human family and earthly home. You can contact him at adam.wallis@lhslp.com

Gregory NelsonGregory Nelson (1)

Gregory Nelson is a speaker, author, spiritual teacher, and strength coach whose work has helped people and organisations all over the world experience greater purpose, effectiveness and a deeper trust in the sacred journey of love and compassion. He blogs regularly on the theme of developing spiritual depth.

Jane GreerJane Greer (2)

Jane Greer is a marriage and family therapist, author, blogger, and radio host. She is the creator of Shrink Wrap with Dr. Jane Greer a media commentary on learnings from the trials and triumphs of celebrity relationships. Her popular call-in show Let’s Talk Sex airs the last Tuesday of each month on HealthyLife.net. Her latest book What About Me? Stop Selfishness From Ruining Your Relationship, is available online.

Sweta Uchil-PurohitSweta Uchil-Purohit (9)

Sweta Uchil-Purohit is a certified dietician with more than 15 years of experience in the areas of clinical nutrition, weight loss, corporate nutrition and preventive nutrition. A wife and mother of two, she is also an avid blogger who believes in practising what she preaches.

Vagdevi MeunierVagdevi Meunier (1)

Vagdevi Meunier Psy.D., is a licensed clinical psychologist and Associate Professor at St. Edwards University in Austin. She is a certified Gottman Couples Therapist and Workshop Leader and offers the “Art and Science of Love” weekend workshop for couples. She has published a book chapter on Positive Couple Relationships.

Chetnaa MehrotraChetnaa Mehrotra (2)

Chetnaa is an Image Expression Artist, a Drama Based Learning Facilitator, Playback Theatre Artist, a TO (Theater of Oppressed) practitioner and a Dance Movement Practitioner. Chetnaa has evolved innovative approach towards in-classroom training at Corporations and Educational Institutes. She has introduced Drama Based Learning Facilitation, Playback Theater, Image & Forum Theater, Psychodrama, thereby making learning a "doing phase", rather just a lecture platform.

Alexandra CopleyAlexandra Copley (1)

Alexandra Copley has been studying yoga and meditation since she was 18 and has received training in several traditions such as ashtanga, hatha as well as Buddhist meditation. Also a professional photographer, she divides her time between Mumbai and Sarasota, Florida spreading the joy of yoga and photography.

Anuradha RamachandranAnuradha Ramachandran (7)

Anuradha W Ramachandran is a graduate in English literature from Delhi University. A homemaker and fitness enthusiast, she uses the creative medium of writing to voice her feelings and thoughts.

Marcy AxnessMarcy Axness (2)

Dr Marcy Axness, PhD, is an early development specialist, parent coach, and author of Parenting for Peace: Raising the Next Generation of Peacemakers. Dr. Marcy is offering Complete Wellbeing readers a free copy of her Quick-Start Guide to Shifting Your Child's Stuck Behaviors eBooklet, a unique bodymind tool for parents to use with children of all ages. She is a popular international speaker, avid dancer, and the proud mother of two peacemakers flourishing in their twenties. She invites you to join her at www.ParentingForPeace.com.