Why should you stop stalking your ex?

You know that it is over, and if it were to ask you if you would want them to get back with them, you would probably say that you do not want to be with them any longer. But somehow you are not able to stop stalking them. Social media is the perfect tool to use if you want to find more about someone, but there are times when it is advisable to not use online platforms this way. If you want to be able to move on, then you should not continue to keep up with your ex’s life, because it will only harm you. Some couples decide to end up amicably, and they have the misconception that they can continue their relationship but under a different status. In the majority of cases it is advisable to let the other go, and not stalk them any longer, because this works only to your detriment. No one says that you cannot be curious about their life from time to time, but you should not continue to check them periodically. Social media is the tool you need if you want to connect with your ex, or to follow their steps, but here are some of the reasons why this is one of the worst ideas you have ever had.

You give yourself false hopes

How many times have you shared on social media something you do not like, or something you are not proud of? Not so many times as when you have shared things you like. Online users prefer to share good things, and this does not give other users the opportunity to have a complete view. The same is with your ex, they share on social media the good parts of their life, and you may have the misconception that they have changed and you should give them a second chance. This is the first step to make false hopes, so you should not fuel this habit anymore, because it only harms you. You have to understand that they are not a viable partner for you, because if they were, you would not broke up.

If you will continue to stalk them on social media you will try to reconnect with them, and to continue your relationship, but you should first wonder why you are not together now. You ended your relationship because you had strong reasons, so do not let the online reality trick you. Specialists recommend people who ended a relationship to pretend that their exes do not exist, because if you continue the connection you only give yourself false hopes. Keep yourself away from social media for a while if you know that you cannot control yourself to stalk them, and you will soon understand that there is no reason to try to continue a relationship that only harmed you.

It is actually creepy to stalk someone

You may want to stalk them because you want to find out if they really cheated on you or not, but you should first ask yourself if this is truly worth doing. When we are talking about stalking, being it cybernetic or in real life, it is a phenomenon that does a lot of harm to people, both to the stalker and to the victim. You should get rid of this habit before it gets out of your control. If your friends and family find out, you may end up alone, because people consider this a creepy habit and they do not want to spend time with people who do this type of activities. They will think that they can always become the target of your stalking.

It will bring you a step closer to depression

Studies show that the persons who stalk their exes online or in real life have a greater risk of depression, and this is the type of health condition you should try to get rid of. Every time when you want to open a tab and check out what your ex is doing, you should remind yourself the reasons why the relationship ended, because it will show you that there is no reason to continue having this unhealthy habit. If you will become addicted to social media, because you want to find out every step they are taking, you will withdraw from your social life, and this will only increase the chances of suffering from depression. You should spend your time trying to find ways to entertain yourself, and improve your lifestyle, because you have to try to make better choices in the future.

Cyber-stalking can soon lead to real stalking

Nowadays people find quite simple to research information about other people, considering that social media platforms ease the people search process. But there are not few the cases when people who were stalking their exes on social media were no longer satisfied with the results they had, and they started stalking their exes in real life. This is the type of behaviour you should try to avoid, because it will bring you only disadvantages. If today you are checking their profile 20 times a day, tomorrow you may accidentally attend the same gym as they are. On the long run you will continue this unhealthy habit with trying to get them back, even if they do not want it.

Stalking makes you feel insecure

As stated before people share on their social media profiles only the good things, so one day you may ask yourself if you were good enough to date a person like them. You will consider them superior and this is not a healthy way of thinking. In case they have a new partner, then you may give yourself a complex, because you may consider that their new partner is more beautiful and smarter than you are. You may think that they had all the reasons to cheat on you, without wondering if this is the type of behaviour a person who has a stable relationship should have. You should not feel insecure, because people are unique and every one of us is amazing in our own way.