Why Patients Are Turning to Medical Marijuana in 2020

blankAfter numerous delays due to red tape, the Ohio medical marijuana program is finally here. Are you looking to apply for a medical marijuana card in Ohio? If you are, educate yourself on applicable laws in the state.

Medical marijuana or medical cannabis contains cannabinoids and cannabis and is prescribed by qualified physicians. There is little clinical research and testing on the use of cannabis for medical purposes. According to some preliminary research, however, medical marijuana may help reduce muscle spasms, chronic pain, and vomiting/nausea during chemotherapy. It can also improve HIV/AIDS patients’ appetite.

Ohio passed a medical cannabis law back in 2016 through the legislature. The Marijuana Policy Project decided to drop its campaign, which, according to many people, was headed for success. They decided to drop their campaign after lawmakers in the state passed a comprehensive medical marijuana plan. Marijuana Policy Project is a powerhouse when it comes to national marijuana legalization.

Benefits of Having an Ohio Medical Marijuana Card

Many benefits come with having an Ohio medical marijuana card. For instance, you should not have to wait to purchase your medical marijuana. By obtaining this card, you will get a better experience with marijuana. This is because marijuana sold in medical dispensaries comes from high-grade strains with different CBD: THC ratios. Therefore, you can expect targeted pain management and increased potency. Other benefits of having an MMJ card include:

Lower Cost

Having a medical marijuana card will save you a significant amount of money all year long. Essentially, you will pay a lot less than people who choose to purchase their marijuana from other sources. As a general rule, marijuana products, whether concentrates, flowers, or edibles, tend to be cheaper at medical dispensaries than recreational retail outlets. Combine all this with the ability to grow your own marijuana and lower tax costs, then having an MMJ card makes perfect sense.

Higher Purchase and Possession Limits

People who purchase marijuana for recreational purposes have a strict limit as to how much they can buy. In contrast, people with a medical marijuana card can buy more legally. Therefore, with this card, you will be able to bring more home from the dispensary. In addition, different limitations also apply to MMJ cardholders when it comes to home cultivation and possession.

As a cardholder, the law allows you to have higher quantities of marijuana, depending on state laws. In some states, only those with a medical marijuana card can grow marijuana at home. Recreational users, on the other hand, cannot legally do so.

Access to Medical Only Marijuana Dispensaries

Having a medical marijuana card allows you to purchase from medical dispensaries. This is the same, even in states where the use of recreational marijuana is legal. Medical dispensaries sell exclusively to people with a medical marijuana card.

Final Take

It is good that many states are taking steps to legalize the use of medical marijuana. The benefits that come with an MMJ card far outweigh the convenience of being able to purchase recreational cannabis over-the-counter. However, it is essential to consult your doctor to learn whether medical marijuana is good for you.