What is Asbestos and How it Affects You

AsbestosAsbestos is a fibrous material that is often used in the line of construction. It serves as an insulator and keeps a place warm by not letting heat escape. However, there are health hazards related to this material. Commonly, there are 3 types of asbestos: blue, brown and white asbestos and all three of them are dangerous if inhaled.

Asbestos fibres tend to mix with air and if a person is to inhale that air then asbestos related diseases may occur. When a person is in constant exposure of this material then there are chances of him/her getting a lung cancer? The most common of type disease that is reported is lung cancer and chest lining.

Such cases are usually related to work injuries. Click here to know more about them. If you have been a victim, you should waste no time in getting in touch with a professional so that you can get your rightful share from the person at fault.

As per reports, asbestos kills thousands of people per country and the saddening part is that there’s no cure for the disease.

Let’s get to know how asbestos can affect you:

Household Items May Contain Asbestos

Asbestos isn’t only found in construction sites but can also be present in your home. It is used in a number of household items such as the ceiling, attic, vinyl tiles for floor, the glue which is used to stick tiles onto the floor and walls, roof materials such as shingles and frames, HVAC, and in some sorts of paints too.

Now, the presence of this material in your home doesn’t necessarily mean that you and your family is at risk 24/7. Asbestos won’t affect you and cause a health hazard until and unless it is disturbed and its fibres are scattered into the air.

The type of asbestos that can cause problems for you is the one that has been damaged over time. There are signs that indicate the presence of damaged asbestos such as wear and tear in the particular area, water damage, and abrasions.

Sometimes, its fibers are there in the most unexpected places too, such as stuck on blankets, toys, automobile parts etc.

The best thing to do in such cases is to leave it be and call professionals to get rid of it.

Places That Can Contain Hazardous Asbestos

As said earlier, asbestos is present in a number of places in your home. The best way to identify damaged asbestos is to look for scrapy walls, damaged walls, sawed or sandy walls. However, do not touch that place or asbestos fibre may release and mix up with air.

Diseases Caused By It

Asbestos is a life taking material which is why it is banned in many nations but not the U.S. Around 15,000 Americans lose their lives because of inhaling asbestos fibers every year.

Commonly, asbestos causes two types of major diseases:

  • Mesothelioma: It’s a type of a lung cancer where the lining around the organs are affected and kills a patient within a few months.
  • Asbestosis: Another type of lung cancer that causes scarring and makes it nearly impossible for the patient to breathe. The person suffering from asbestosis is most likely to die due to suffocation.


It is important that you pay extra attention to your household items and construction. If you see signs of asbestos fibres spreading then make sure to waste no time getting in touch with a professional.