What Can I Do for Sensitive Teeth?

Woman holding a smiling mouth photoWhat is Sensitive Teeth?

Does brushing and flossing hurt your mouth? If you often feel pain or sensitivity, you may have sensitive teeth..

People with sensitive teeth usually have white teeth but experience the opposite of white. It is also known as Stenosis. You can know if you have sensitive toothpastes by how it feels in your mouth.

Sensitive Toothpastes

If it hurts your mouth, the product should be thrown out right away. However, there are many brands of toothpaste that claim to be for sensitive teeth. If a product causes you pain in the mouth, it most likely is a cause.

How Do I Decide on Which Sensitive Toothpaste?

You should check with your Charlotte dentist first before using it. You need to know exactly what it is. This way you can  be sure that it is the best for you. If you use it incorrectly, it could make your teeth sensitive even more.

Sensitive teeth can make you suffer from other problems that are very uncomfortable. It can cause bad breath, gum disease, oral thrush, halitosis, poor eating habits, and many more problems.

What should I Do for Sensitive Teeth?

The best thing you can do for yourself is to avoid the problem altogether.

Some of the foods that cause this condition are coffee, tea, colas, chocolate, sodas, tobacco and chewing tobacco. Foods that should be avoided include chocolate candy, mints and tobacco.

You can change your lifestyle. Try to avoid smoking, alcohol, coffee and soda and stick to a healthy diet. Also, try to avoid hot and spicy foods.

Try to stay away from the foods that you love if they cause pain.

Dentin Hypersensitivity

Sensitive teeth or dentin hypersensitivity as dental professionals call it makes one forget the delight of biting into their preferred foods. This is commonly a non-permanent ailment that develops soon after eating or drinking hot or cold foods, drinks and even inhalation in chilly air. There are various ranges of sensitivity, offering  reasons that suggest a signal of unfit tooth nerve. One of the sensitive tooth causes consists of vulnerability of the dentin. This is the midsection layer of the tooth that is uncovered after the tooth enamel erodes.

The dentin are very small tube like components that comprise the tooth nerves, which when exposed to nearly anything hot or cold causes hot or cold teeth tenderness. A drink of chilled orange juice or a bite of your favored chocolate bar presents you the zap of your life. This is because you experience excruciating discomfort the minute you eat or drink anything that directs the nerves in your teeth into craze. In very simple words, it usually means you have hypersensitive teeth and that is why you’re suffering from this irritation. Use of teeth whitening products, in home whitening treatments also heightens the likelihood of sensitive teeth. Home teeth whitening goods as well as professional teeth treatments make teeth particularly sensitive.

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