Why our beliefs about our longevity matter

Those you believe they will longer take major life decisions differently than those who believe they won't last long

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When we contemplate major life decisions our beliefs about our life expectancy unconsciously affect our decisions

Have you ever thought of how long you will live? Your belief about your longevity exerts a powerful influence on the decisions you make about major events in your life such as marriage, planning a child and divorce among other things, find researchers from Queen’s University. The influence is not overt but on a subconscious level.

For instance, those who believe they will live longer, invest more in education, and generally take their time getting married and achieving things. However, those who expect to die soon, want to experience the most before they bid the world adieu. So they decide to marry early in life, have children early. They even tend to stick it out with their current life partners rather than seek divorce.

Although no one can be sure how long they will live, certain factors shape people’s perceptions such as the type of job they are in, their health, life expectancy of family members, and family’s general health.

The study just been published online by the Archives of Sexual Behaviour.

News Center, Queens University


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