Struck by a setback? Hang in there pal

Resilient people get rewarded with a more satisfying life than those who allow setbacks to destroy their spirits

burnt down car and man in shock
It’s natural to get knocked down by adversities. But if you stay down, you’ll live an unsatisfactory life

No one’s life journey is without bumps or brakes—crisis and problems are all part of the parcel. Different people deal with setbacks differently—while some get completely crushed, some others manage to pick themselves up but with some scars intact. Still others [the majority], pull through and heal with time. But some of us use adversities as a stepping stone to personal growth and expansion. They become stronger after facing a crisis. And such people are the most satisfied with their lives, found a recent research.

According to the researchers at the Basic Psychology Unit at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona [UAB] those of us who are more resilient, believe they have control over their emotions and their state of mind. Resilience therefore has a positive prediction effect on the level of satisfaction with one’s life.

“Some of the characteristics of being resilient can be worked on and improved, such as self-esteem and being able to regulate one’s emotions. Learning these techniques can offer people the resources needed to help them adapt and improve their quality of life”, explains Dr Joaquín T Limonero, professor of the UAB Research Group on Stress and Health at UAB and coordinator of the research.

So when adversity knocks your door, look it in the eye and face it head on, it will help you get more out of life.


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