Excess weight is worse than smoking

New study finds that maintaining healthy weight is far more important to stay healthy than any other factor...even smoking

Complications of obesity is one of the top reasons why people visit doctors
Complications of obesity is one of the top reasons why people visit doctors

Everyone knows that smoking is bad for our health. There are campaigns after campaigns launched to get people to kick the cigarette butt for good. However, a recent research found that obesity is worse.

James McIntosh, a professor in the Department of Economics at Concordia University, examined the impact of obesity on the number of doctor visits to find that obese individuals visit the doctor more frequently than regular smokers who are at a healthy weight.

To prove his theory, he developed a model that aimed at showing what would happen if obesity was wiped off forever. The McIntosh model was created from data from over 60,000 Canadians.

Based on the model, he found that if obesity were not a factor, doctor visits would decrease by 10 per cent. They would further reduce when one takes into account the visits to the doctor for problems related to obesity-linked type-2 diabetes.

“The data is clear on the fact that people are overeating and under-exercising, and that has to change,” says McIntosh.

So if you want to reduce your number of visits to the doctor, may be you should first work on attaining a healthy weight.



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