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Music therapy can be beneficial to patients before, during and after a surgical procedure, as per new study

Musical note
Music specially chosen by experts helps heal faster

Music therapists have believed for centuries that a person suffering from any medical problem—from depression and stress to pain and fear—will heal faster if they get a dose of music over time. Recent developments in medical science have also expounded the benefits of music therapy.

A new study review published by the University of Kentucky found that music therapy can be beneficial to patients before, during and after a surgical procedure and may reduce pain and recovery time. Music was shown to have ushered positive results in all three stages.

The researchers underlined that music selected by trained personnel is preferred because specific guidelines in regards for the tempo, rhythm and volume for music selection should be followed in order to maximise its positive effect on patients, though the patient’s musical tastes should still be considered. It is suggested that several “playlists” be offered and the patient can choose one that best suits their tastes.

Other findings indicated live performances are more effective than recorded music for patients. This research team has begun implementing two pilot programs in the pre-op unit at UK, one for procedural support/pain and the other for patient distress.

Imagine being operated in the OT while hearing music of your choice, soon it could be a reality in hospitals.



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