Banning urban drivers from using cellphones helps reduce accidents

Driving and using the cell phone can be more study proves

man driving and using his cellphone
Driving and using the cellphone are a lethal combination

We use the words auto+mobile together quite often in the English language. But driving cars and using mobile phones while driving are a lethal combination. There have been a number of studies that have proved this and yet another new research published in the journal Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice has supported it in a new way.

Previous research has only studied the short-term effects of a cellphone ban during driving. However this a team of University of Illinois researchers studied the effect over seven years. It also looked at driver density in a unique manner. Previous studies calculated driver density as number of drivers per square mile in the geography…this study looked at number of drivers per mile of roadway. Hence this may be a more accurate measure of driver density

According to the study, enacting a cellphone ban was associated with an initial rise in accident rate, followed by a steeper decline than would otherwise be expected. In higher driver density areas, there was a clear, statistically significant, association between the enforcing a cellphone ban and relative decrease in personal injury accidents after seven years.

Though the study showed clear reduction in accidents in urban areas, it showed a slight increase in rural areas. Hence it is important that legislators pay heed to this research and enact cellphone usage laws in accordance with proper studies.



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